Posted by: Mayu | January 26, 2009

Nookingtons going bonkers

I played with Cindy from CampCute today 😀

Nice to see you again Cindy aka Bubbles ^^

We strolled around…
and I helped her catching the mole cricket :):

Yay that was really quick. I think, I just have to dig twice then the mole cricket came out and DENG!, Cindy caught it without any problems lol, well done! :mrgreen:

Later on I visited her town. She wanted to show me her cheated crazy Nookingtons. xD The original Nook’n Go is still there in her town but on another place 😉

Ok let’s see:

Ahh yesss, just one wallpaper, one carpet and some few furnitures… 🙄

The rest of the room was empty 😆

Downstairs was the same: a lot of empty spaces on the counter.

But at least Harriet is doing her job normally like all shampoodles 😀

Here we’re at the original shop Nook’n Go. Ahh!! It has got the same things to buy there!! 😯 So what will happen if I buy here at Nook’n Go the bonsai? Let’s check Nookingtons again…

Ohhh, it’s also sold here!! Then your two shops are connected with each other, you can only buy what Nook’n Go is offering you and nothing more…
Hmmmm, not really satisfying to have Nookingtons there unless you expand your original one into it, too…. 😦 But then you’ve got two Nookingtons, so useless!! xD Wouldn’t it be better when the cheated one is going to be deleted? I hope the person who gave you this “shop” can also remove buildings from your town…

Well let’s change to other things we’ve done:

Taking a pic of you and your throne xD. Princess Cindy!! ^^

We also visited Rasher, the weird smiling scar-face pig:

Hehehe I like him! xD

Cindy and me messed up Rasher’s bed, lol 😆 :mrgreen:

That’s Rosie, Cindy’s favourite neighbour in CampCute 🙂

Thanks a lot Cindy, I’ve had a lot of fun with you the afternoon 😉



  1. Rasher looks pretty cool!

    • Yes, he’s really cool, I like him very much, I had such a lot of fun with him lol

  2. ive got rasher in my town hes funny lol

  3. how do you get nookingtons plz tell and plz can i borrow ur SSID and WEp key and see if it works on my ds, thnx xD

    • to liv: To get Nookingtons you have to have a visitor in your town (from DS to DS or over Wifi) and let him buy something from Nook’s shop. Then soon Nook will upgrade his shop to Nookingtons 😉
      And I’ve told you in my comment before (guestbook) that even if you have my SSID and WEP key (you should know, that no one wants to give anyone the code for it, because it’s like a password – and you should keep your SSID and WEP key also secret, it’s a big security code) it won’t work on your DS unless you’ve written the same code in your router and in your DS too. Ummm, just check if the SSID and WEP key on both devices(the router and the DS) are identical, then it should work (but some wireless routers are also quite bad for Nintendo Wifi, some of them doesn’t work for it)

      • how do you check it

        • For the router you have to go into it’s settings via the PC and for the DS put your ACWW game into it and then when you turned it on don’t press “Continue” but “Other things” and there you can set your “Wifi settings”.
          You can read more about it on my FAQ page 😉

  4. thanx mayu xD

  5. soz tht was me i forgot 2 put my name (oops!)

  6. is there a quiker way to get nookingtoons

    • No, you really need someone to come over to your town (DS to DS or over Wifi) to let him buy something from your shop.

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