Posted by: Mayu | January 24, 2009

Jungle town DrewDrop

Wow, later on I visited Chaya in her town DrewDrop. She uses AR and I bet you never have seen such an amazing town before!!! 😯 😯 😆

The first impression was: “Woowww, where am I? Is this a jungle??”

Luckily Chaya picked me up otherwise I wouldn’t have found her lol.

She guided me through her town:

Whoa, look at all those flowers, palms and even floating clovers and roses xD

Just impressing!! 😯

Nookington in the deepest jungle lol, great!! xD :mrgreen:

Another visitor came, it’s Martina from Klebing* ^^ Hi!

I’m lost in the stone maze 😀

And I was surprised that although she planted such a lot of palms in town DrewDrop is still a perfect town! Great job!

A…G…ggh….ghoost?? 😯 No it’s Nicole xD

It’s difficult to get all friends on one pic with all those plants lol.
Thanks a lot Chaya for having me over. It was big fun to see what’s possible with Action Replay when you change your town like this 😉



  1. Yay, I like this one xD

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Chaya! Could you tell me the codes for trees if you live in europe. If not just ignore this lol. Great town!

  3. hey,mayu
    tommorow 4:15pm your time (friday the 30th)
    come to my town
    bring:flowers (hybrids if possible as i has 0)
    love Savanah

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