Posted by: Mayu | January 24, 2009

First trip to Havre

Jesse was inviting me to his town Havre.

Wow, look at those handy patterns! The most important town rules are shown here: no running over flowers and no stealing. That’s a great idea! 😀

Hi Jesse, you’ve got a nice townflag ^^

He has also got a nice breeding area next to the museum 😉

Jesse was surprised that my neighbour houses look so different to his town, and he’s right, they look way other than mine. But I like this style too with the round window 😀

So who’s living here?

Ohh it’s Cube… undressed?!? 😯 😆

Roscoe was also weird. When he was talking to Jesse he was half in the wall xD, haha.

Inside Jesse’s house. Look he also got an Inn, it’s written on the right hat on the desk 😀

One of the hotel’s room, lovely, isn’t it?

Like Jesse says, this is a room of his friend ^^

And in this space room I realised that the astronaut has got the earth on the screen…amazing!

Thanks for the fun Jesse, you’re a really nice guy 😀



  1. A lot of my animals go into walls when I talk to them. They go a lot deeper if they do the crying emotion.

  2. hehe cube naked, lol silly cube you shouldent be naked when you have visitors

  3. Wow! Jesse is one of my best friends!!!! And if he reads this, ” Hey dude! Wii should get 2gether one of these Wiikends and hangout!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Elwood xD, how did you find my blog? 😛

  4. Nice Glasses Jesse!!!

  5. Nice Flag Dude

  6. ii sent the url in an e-mail

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