Posted by: Mayu | January 23, 2009

Animal crossing cat v dogs comedy scetches. Part 3! By Michela aka Kittylova4ev.

5. PILL BUG!!!!
Olivia goes into her house. The bedding is all scrambled up and there is an actual live pill bug on the pillow!

Olivia goes into Butch’s house and takes his Pajamas. She runs to the toilet and flushes them.
Olivia: Now when you drink it’ll have a pleasant Pj ting. MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Butch discovered the flushing of the Pajamas. It had caused a flood.
Butch: I know what to do!

6. Overuse of full stops

Butch goes to Olivia’s house and knocks on the door.
Olivia: Hello mongrel.
Butch: Hello. Could you just get me something to eat? Nook hasn’t sent me my food yet.
Olivia: Sure. (in a sweet sarcastic voice.)
Butch: …
Olivia Goes in and it sounds like a tornado in the house. There is a sound of metal being tortured.
Olivia comes back out.
Olivia gives bowl to Butch
The bowl looks exactly like a dog bowl holding a steak with Fido scratched in.
Butch looks like he is leaving.
Olivia: GO THEN!
Butch Flicks his wrist and throws bowl at Olivia’s head pouring steak and steak juice on her head.
Butch: Talk about overuse of full stops!
Dum dum dum!!!!



  1. I. Just. Love. This. Cats. VS. Dogs. Thing. It. Is. So. Funny.

  2. These. Are. So. Funny!

  3. xD Reminds me of Tom and Jerry lol

  4. animail crossing ist voll coll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. omg kiki add me plz

    Name: Georgina

    Town name: Town

    Friend code: 464043288367

  6. GO OLIVIA!!!!!

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