Posted by: Mayu | January 22, 2009

Evening with Petal, Louise, Eileen♥ and Sorrel ^^

Like usual I opened gates at 8PM and I didn’t have to wait long to welcome my first visitors:

This is Petal from Condo ^^

Louise at the right just caught a horse mackerel 😛

Princess Sorrrel also dropped by 😀

And my Singapore friend Eileen♥ has got holidays these days and is able to visit me again, yay.
We soon went to Condo, as Petal offered Sorrel some money bags and she cheated many of them in her town 😉

There we are all. Look at all those money bags xD. On each pavement bell bags were lying, hehe. Nice playboy flag Petal 😆

Eileen♥, me and Petal in normal chat mode…

…and with emotions xD. Why did you do the sigh emotion Eileen, lol?

Sorrel was also very happy with all those bell bags :mrgreen:

Nice evening!! 😀



  1. that was a really great evening! ^^

  2. Hey petal my town got deleted plz email me your code nd ill add u and send me your new one thankz

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