Posted by: Mayu | January 22, 2009

ACCF photos by Kat

Kat has given us such nice ACCF-pics on my Guestbook area that I’ve thought I should show you them all in their full beauty, i.e. full size and not just direct links 😉

Thank you for sharing your ACCF fun with us 😀

January 6th, 2009:
Not sure if this will work as I don’t know how to add photos here, but this is a photo of the Aurora Borealis in my AC city last night.

How lovely is that!

Here’s a photo of me waiting for a bus into the city, and another one of the city.

Here’s my new character Angel, isn’t she cute!

Ok here’s some bigger ones of the Aurora Borealis and one of two shooting stars from the meteor shower.

January 12th, 2009:
Here’s the photo of us when we were fishing.

Josie and I had a little fishing contest to see who could catch the first sea bass, lol Josie caught one almost immediately 🙂

Yay, the balloon man was in the city today!

Kat got a bunny balloon – except it was green and I hoped for pink or light blue.
Then I played with Bertie and he got a bubble wand, which is really cool as he can blow bubbles with it.
Then I played with Angel, and she got a pinwheel – one of those whizzy things that spin round in the wind or when you run.

Here’s some photos 🙂

Then Angel went to the theatre to watch a Dr Shrunk show and got laughter as an emotion.

And she tried it out on the balloon man.

January 21th, 2009:
Loads has happened in my AC City. We had the fishing contest, I’ve changed my room from a Snowman room to the Lovely room, which is very pink and girly 🙂 , and we’ve got a new bridge. I had to donate 200,000 bells to the town fund to get it, but it’s made getting from one side to the other much easier.

Poor Purrl is unwell at the moment, so I’ve given her some medicine.

Here’s some photos –

The first ones are of the Lucky Frog you wanted to see Mayu!

This is Tortimer telling Kat about the new bridge

Aww poor Purrl

Look what Kat caught, it’s almost as big as her!

Chip telling Kat that Bertie won the fishing contest



  1. Thanks for the frog pic Kat. It isn’t that cute as I assumed LOL. xD
    Wow the tuna looks really better than in ACWW ^^

  2. the stupid balloon guy never come to my city(and i check every day!!!) does anyone on accf have any extra bubble blower thingies? :///:

    • my bff says that the balloon guy only comes when you knock off a balloon with the sling shot and then go to the city and you’ll see him/her balloon GUY him!.

      • and when its shinny day! in the city!

  3. oh, btw, those are awesome pics(im guessing that you used the feature on the wii remote?) but still pretty good… nice patterns too 🙂 😉

  4. wow i wish i could wifi with u guys on accf but i dont no if im aloud 😦 its not fair! o well i will carry on trying to get my mum 2 let me :mrgreen:

  5. Great pics! Maybe I’ll feature a post on my blog of all my AC:CF pics. ^^

    Also, Kyle, the balloon man only comes on very sunny days where there is no precipitation. Kinda like Kicks, but it’s more uncommon for Phineas.

  6. lol the fishing contest was fun

  7. LOL sorry I haven’t been on the blog lately >_>

    MMO’s take most of my time now…

    Ooohh nice pics. I haven’t seen the Aurora yet because I never play at night .__.

    I see that you wore away a lot of your grass. My town isn’t a desert yet, I’m planting flowers like crazy to save them.

    I… still… don’t… have… visitors…

    • Hi! We can swap friend codes if you like. I need some visitors too :mrgreen:

  8. i could visit you jady 🙂

  9. Hi Mayu! Remember me? I’m Cocoa- used to keep an ACWW blog.
    ACCF is tons of fun. I kinda abandoned my town, though… I probably need to de-weed it. 🙂

    • to Jady: Hiii! 😀 Glad to see you again ^^. So you don’t play ACWW anymore? But great, that you have ACCF now. And what MMO are you playing? (I’m just curious lol)

      to Cocoa: Welcome back ^^. Of course I remember you 😉 . I see you have got a new blog adress? May I put it onto my blogroll? 😀 I’ll soon leave a comment there 😉

      to Kat: You’re welcome! Feel free to give me your pics, I’ll show them in a post like the fanfictions here 😉

  10. Mayu – this is lovely, thanks for showing these off 🙂

    I have another room in my house now – ooh lots of nice new furniture to buy!

    My town is changing all the time, so look out for new pics soon.

    • Wow Kat Great pics. i had that thingy in my sky at night (forgotten what its called) So if you have wi fi please add me ill post my ac:cf fc here 🙂

  11. u have an upstairs? congratulations! you deserve a cookie!

  12. lol blanca the kitty came a few days ago and i was in a hurry so i drew huge eyes with blue stars in the middle for pupils and a giant clown mouth. she looked very creepy.

  13. Ha ha yes I saw because she came to our town yesterday and she looks even worse now because Bertie drew red lines across the blue stars. She looks really freaky now lol!

    • O_O is THAT an aurora in the sky!? 8o

  14. lol! clown on the loose! *stay inside, keep your doors and windows locked at all times*

  15. Ha ha ha – be afraid, be very afraid! lol

  16. mayu, im sorry if i didnt come but i woke up late and i had to take a shower so i couldnt come over, can you please open again?

    • Ohh Kyle, I’m quite busy now, sorry I can’t open now. I want to be finished with updating blog asap xD (now working for about 4 hours on it *sigh*)

      • wow!!! mayu!!! you wrote that comment ^^^ before we met!

        • Haha how nice xD

          • according to your blog my first day i met all of you was in/….. JUNE 9TH! 2009!! and according to the animal crossing city folk website, the ballooon only comes when you knock off a balloon with your slingshot!!!!!!! then go to the city and you’ll see him!!! according to my calculator, 100+100= 200!!! (blah duuuh! i was kidding i know that 100+100=200!!!)

            • Yay, so we know us for more than 3 months now, awesome ^^
              And interesting info about the balloon guy 😮

  17. Mayu, when can we next meet

  18. wow thats a long time(are you almost done?!?!?!?!)
    anyways, ill look for your gates until5:50 my time(2:50 your time)

    • No still not lol (lot of comments to check)

  19. Kyle Do u wanna add me and meet up sometime?

  20. @Zoe:
    sure but i cant wifi in the evenings for a while(what time zone are you?)becasue of school work but after finals week is over then maybe we could meet 🙂

  21. Erm my time zone is GMT I think

  22. stupid balloon guy. he never comes to MY city ty the way, this is an awesome posT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ii lloovvee iitt!! mm mm mm mm mm mm im eating yummy hot pizza from a place called pizza buddies palace!

    • Where’s my pizza?!?! 😮

      • hehe lol!! im going today again!!! i oove my school!! (no water in school for 2 days!! ) YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEAAANSS NO SCHOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        piiiizzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaa i can’t wait an hour!

  23. i like your pics 😉

  24. =D

  25. I love that pic with the colors in the sky. Ive never seen it.

  26. […] ACCF photos by Kat В« My ACWW photo diary Jan 22, 2009 … Kat has given us such nice ACCF-pics on my Guestbook area that I've thought I should show you them … […]

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