Posted by: Mayu | January 21, 2009

Meow and me exploring Juseh’s town Knosos

Today I wanted to visit Juseh’s town Knosos at 8PM my time. Well it was quite early and when I looked whose gates are open I found Julia waiting for some visitors ^^:

Heyho!! Good to see you again 😀
Tehehe this picture looks quite weird:

What’s that purple shading around Julia’s head? The answer is: she just made the sadness emotion where a black swirl would appear and I just took this photo when she finished it xP.
Well after 15 minutes I had to go, sorry for the short visit Julia 😉

Ok, first I had some problems to get to Knosos, Copper always told me the error code 86420 or 80430 arrgh. But some minutes later I was lucky, I could get to Knosos!! Yay! 😀

Woooow, have you ever seen such a cool town pattern? That’s really AWESOME!! 😯

The path was also amazing. Juseh has designed it all by himself, that’s excellent!!

Meow also got through and it was her first visit to Knosos, too 😀

This is the town map of Juseh. You really have a huge long river and beach area, how cool is that! But I assume your neighbours don’t like you very much, they’re all far away from you xP 😆

I went visiting his neighbours like Kabuki:

Or Goldie who I really must have scared:


My favourite crispy chicken Benedikt!! *yummy*

Knosos is so beautiful, everwhere you can find flowers, hybrids and some cute patterns 😀

Juseh’s house was also very intersting with this lovely cabin room:

Or this Western room:

Great! 😀

Tehehe here Wifi almost crashed, Meow and I were both going back to the main room at the same time and it took almost 1 minute until we were able to get through 😉

Then we all began to go fishing:

Hahaha, this beach area is really tiny x3

Meow had success with the football fish,
but Juseh and I had also luck:

Two red snappers, yay 😀

Finally I also caught a coelacanth 😯 😉
I really enjoyed it Juseh and Meow, thanks a lot!!! 😀


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