Posted by: Mayu | January 21, 2009

Goofing around with Emöke xD

Yaaay, I met Emöke again this morning, I was really happy because I haven’t seen her on ACWW for a long time 😉

Hello my old friend, nice to see you again 😀
I was invited to her town and we soon began to visit all her neighbours:

I can’t get on this stupid slide in Aurora’s house. I’m too faaaat!! 😥

Oooops!? oO Did you fell into a pitfall?? :mrgreen:

HAHAHA!! Sorry, I just could laugh about it xP 😆

This snowman was sooo cute with his little head tehehe 😛

Wow, a lot of clothes in Olivia’s wardrobe. But it’s smelling! xD

Aww, Emöke still has got her lovely hotel! 😀 I just ringed bell for service lol.

Rolling over bed and get beaten is sooo much fun xD 😆

May I help you Emöke to the toilet? 😛 :mrgreen:

OK! Ok, I got it!! 🙄 Don’t be angry, I’m waiting for you 😆

Lol, another goofy moment in another bed xP

Wow, Frodo, Emöke’s ocean sunfish, is still there. He must be almost 2 years old now, that’s great! 😀

… waiting for the pianist to come… He didn’t come!! 👿 😛

It was a lovely morning Emöke with lot of laughing and fun, thanks a lot!! 😀 😀



  1. wow, i just noticed that you posted this posrt 😯
    anyways, thats so cool that she still has the hotel up and running(i wonder how much money she makes, but probobly she didnt charge you because your a good friend of hers 😆 )
    btw, who is the pianist? 😆 😆 :p

    • Hehehe, actually she doesn’t make money with it xD. It’s just for fun but we still enjoy it a lot 😛 .
      We waited for Vladimir Ashkenazy, but he didn’t come… 👿 (jk) xD

  2. That was great Mayu, and no I dont make Money with my Hotel, but nice idea, hehe
    Vladimir also ….for my next Character , muhahahaha

  3. Oha, hehehe! This is this “toilet”-Thing u 2 talked about! 😀

  4. What’s the bell in the hotel room?

  5. Emoke, wanna be ACWW friends?

    Chara name: Sorrel
    Town name: Loveland
    FC: 2278 1286 7378


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