Posted by: Mayu | January 20, 2009

Nico, P!nk and me:”COPPER, LET ME GO!”

First a little quiz before I start posting about today:

Who’s behind the umbrellas and on which place? xP
(for the answer just look down the post lol)

What a hussle this morning 🙄 . Nico, P!nk and me were trying to visit each other, but Wifi was soooo bad. Every time one opened his town, the others couldn’t see it. Or when it was seeable, we couldn’t get there or Copper said that this town has closed the gates again, aaaarrgggh!! We tried ummm about 45 minutes(?) to meet us but just when we almost gave up, we FINALLYYYY (yaaaaaaay) managed to visit Nico’s town Manila, pheeew!!

Luckily after we all got through, Wifi was quite good so we had a good time together 😉

I was the first one who could get to Manila and Nico and me were waiting for P!nk…

Ahhh there she is, woohooo! 😀 *dances*

Yay, finally we’re all together ^^. Wow, you look lovely today P!nk. 🙂
(and cute face Nico x3)

I found many nice spots in Manila like here next to his house. ^^

Or this breeding place is just perfect! 😀

Same with the tulip breeding area, I think this kind of breeding technique is really succesful. Do you get a lot of hybrids every day Nico?

Hahaha, I’m glad that I’m not the only turnipfreak at ACWW xP
(and also not the only messy one lol)

The black piano looks huge, when it’s placed in front of the room 😯

May I introduce you – Tina the Tuna! Lol, nice name 😆

What was your answer from my little quiz before? Here’s the solution! xD 😀 This pattern is designed by P!nk and is called “cool fades” 8) , great colours, aren’t they? 😀

Then we went fishing and Nico was looking for a pale chub:

But no luck! Then we all had to go…

Byyyeeee! Thanks for having me over! 😀



  1. Ja, also jeden 2. oder 4. Tag kriege ich welche 😉

    Das finde ich Toll 😀

  2. könnte ich dich heute besuchen mayu?

    • Huhu Frost, ich glaube ich habe noch gar nicht dein FC? Mit wem würdest du denn gerne spielen wollen? Mit Haru (nur deutsche Kids) oder lieber Miki (hauptsächlich international, also Englisch)?

  3. i was reading this, and i didnt want it to stop!it was FANTASTIC!!! (lol) btw, wen u open again? XP

  4. left-p!nk middle-you left-nico

    • lol well done Lilli ^^

  5. i mean right-nico

  6. Mayu, can I please take the picture of me you and Nico with “Cool Fades” on it? I want it for my blog for the top bit.

    • Yes no problem charcoalgal, feel free to use all the photos where you’re also on it, I don’t mind at all, because those pics are made especially for my visitors like you 😉

  7. I mean the one with the hats and umbrellas.

  8. haha cool

  9. YAY! I managed to RECREATE “Cool Fades” exactly like it was! YAY! YAY! 🙂

    • Hey, that’s great! 😀 I loved this pattern, next time you come, pls add it on my Ables, too xD

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