Posted by: Mayu | January 20, 2009

Kyle, Sorrel, Louise, Nicole, P!nk and Kapp’n

In the afternoon I met Kyle again in my town ^^. Sorry that I just have one pic, but we chatted almost all the time 😉

Then later in the evening Sorrel came for a visit:

Hey, you’ve got a crown now, cool 😀 . That was a present from Nicole, wow, she’s really nice, Sorrel.

Louise also dropped by (left) and because no other people did come we decided to continue with working on Sorrel’s PTS in her town loveland.

Yay, the trees from last time are growing 🙂

Ahh, now I have got a proper pic of Nicole, who also helped us 😉

After we planted a lot of trees and flowers again time has come to check the environment:

“It’s unbelievable. Loveland is sheer lunacy!” HOOORRAY!! Another perfect town!! 😀

Tehehe Sorrel needed to double check, she was really happy about it 😉

Then it was about 10PM and I promised to open my gates for Kapp’n and he came just in time 😀

Ahh it’s good to see you again Kapp’n. ^^ Oh another visitor is coming now…

P!nk was there again! Lol, we met us this morning and evening, how cool is that xD. (don’t misunderstand me, I’m glad to see you again 😉 )

It was nice to see my town full again, but unfortunately Wifi crashed 15 minutes later, I tried to open again but then soon after that it crashed another time so I gave up because it was also my bedtime 😉 . Sorry that it was just this little time Kapp’n, hope to see you soon again 😀



  1. Ya, that was a fun day… apart from the crash!

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