Posted by: Mayu | January 20, 2009

Animal crossing cat v dogs comedy scetches. Part 1! By Michela aka Kittylova4ev.

I’m making a comedy story to! It’s continueing to the last one i did that I never finished. Here is part one!
Animal crossing cat v dogs comedy scetches. Part 1! By Michela aka Kittylova4ev.

1. You don’t notice cats.

Butch: How come there isn’t an 8th villager.
Teddy: There is but she’s a cat.
Butch: What that supposed to mean?
Teddy: You don’t notice cats. It started with Tangy then Kiki, Bob, Moe, Purrl, Tabby, and elvis is pretty PO’d with yah. And now its Olivia.
Butch: That’s ridiculous. I’m a dog… I’m supposed to be loyal.
Teddy: Olivia was at the shop, the museum and random places.


Butch: Everybody was kung fu fighting na na na na na na na na na!!!
Olivia: um…
Butch: Those were as fast as lightning!!!
Kicks Olivia in Kung Fu style.
Olivia: Ow

Comes back to real life.
Butch: Oh…

2. Sorry Olivia

Butch: I’m sorry I didn’t notice you!
Olivia: Pfft.
Butch: It’s just you’re a cat and all…
Olivia: I am so offended by your racistness.
Butch: What?
Butch: Um I’ll give you a second to think of a good insult.
Olivia thinks.
Butch: Wow, impressive.
Olivia walks away.

Authors note: Can people give me some ideas? Tell me what you think.



  1. poor Olivia xP

    but she has got some nice words for Butch 😆
    And now I’m sticked with this KungFu Fighting song!! Aaaargh xD

  2. Yay!!!
    Next chapter. Delete when posted.
    Part 2

    3. Turnips
    Olivia: Hi Mayu! Can I borrow some turnips?
    Mayu: Why?
    Olivia: Well I’m planning on revenge against someone and I need turnips and you have tons of them in your house.
    Mayu: … ???? , you can have a few…
    Olivia: One sec. Knock Knock!
    Mayu: Sigh, who’s there?
    Olivia: Turnip!
    Mayu: … Turnip who?…
    Olivia: Turnip the heat. It’s cold in here! I’m funnier then Butch.
    Mayu starts to walk away.
    Olivia: Wait wait! I’ll say the whole joke this time!
    Knock Knock
    Who’s there !
    Turnip !
    Turnip who?
    Turnip for work at nine or you’re fired !

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there !
    Turnip !
    Turnip who?
    Turnip this little lane, that’s where I live !

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there !
    Turnip !
    Turnip who?
    Turnip the heat it’s cold in here!
    Mayu: You already said the last one AND TAKE THE STUPID TURNIPS!
    Runs away.
    Olivia: Score! I got free turnips!!!!
    4. Revenge
    Olivia takes the turnips and stuffs them in Butch’s drawer. On 15/01/09
    Olivia: Now I just have to wait
    On 20/01/09
    Mayu walks into Butch’s home.
    Mayu opens drawer
    Mayu: Eew it stinks in here.
    Butch: Yeah it does… Olivia!!!!!

    Mayu: … I am not involved. I did not here that. I cannot be held responsible. I am not involved.

    Authors comment: Each part will have two chapters.
    Sneak preview: The next chapter will be called PILL BUG!!!

  3. Wow Michela, I’m gobsmacked! It’s really funny and a good read!
    Ellie (my elder sister) would like to know if she could use some of your ideas for a piece of English homework… if you don’t want her to use any just say, she dosen’t mind, but if she can, tell me th bits she’s not allowed to use^^

  4. Oh you can use all of it! I just want to know what parts you are using. It’s interesting.

  5. HI! Its JEsse again! Heres my fc!

    freind code: 0130-5874-0675
    name: Jesse
    Town: Havre

    p.s. if somethins wrong, go to this url:
    p.s.s. i used to use ar, a week ago. it broke 😦

    • to Jesse: Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! 😀 Thanks for your FC, I’ll add you asap with Miki 😉
      What happened to your AR? Is it really broken? Did you try to reset it? (I know that some AR stay in idle mode and nothing seems to happen, then you’ve to reset it like this:
      “- While the console is powered off, hold A+B.
      – Power up the console while still holding A+B.
      – As soon as the Nintendo screen is displayed, press and hold Start and Select while keeping hold of A+B.
      – Continue to hold these buttons until the Main Action Replay screen is displayed, then release. Your product is reset, and will accept codes once more. ”
      I found this description on the web and I know that it works, because my son also had once the same problem…

  6. sorry. I’m fourteen and live in Montana. FUN state. 🙂

  7. ok ill try it. thanx. once i find it. i jt had

  8. it didnt work. it doesnt have any codes either. I pick the START button at the menu, and the the screen goes black like its gonna work, but the little Nintendo logo and nintendo sound doesnt happen! 😦

  9. Ok, Ellie is creating (for an English project) a collection of short comedies from AC:CF.
    Your story, said Ellie, has just the right amount of comedy without going OTT (over the top).
    She’s going to use the first chapter of your story, but with different animal characers (e.g. Kurt instead of Teddy) and then sort of add bits into it so it’s longer, then she’ll make up the rest herself, would you like me to post the finished story here so you can read it Michela?

  10. Sure. It’s just realllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy interesting to know my story inspired! lol.

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