Posted by: Mayu | January 19, 2009

Meeting 6 friends this evening

No boredom this evening again ;). I saw Kyle asking if I would open my gates now and as I had had still 20 minutes until I’ve got the meeting with Sorrel I decided to meet him quickly xD.

He restarted his town, everyone! So please add him back with his new details 😉 . Kyle is still in worker shirt and first hairstyle on this pic ^^

After visiting the hair salon:

That’s the Kyle I know 😉 . Sorry that it was just such a short visit… ^^;

Then I met Sorrel in her town Loveland:

Hi Sorrel, I’ve brought you a lot of fruits, that we can start with PTS work 😀

Louise was also there, hello xD. First she didn’t recognize me, because I came with Yuki instead of Miki lol. (well, I would be confused too xP ). And Sorrel was only added into Yuki’s roster by mistake, she said that she wanted to get added by Yuki, and I thought she might be an adult player, but in reality she’s still a kid, so next time I’ll add her with Miki xP.

Nicole, a German friend of Sorrel visited her too. I’m afraid that I just had this pic of her, but she’s still in my roster so I hope to see her again 😉

Later on all of them wanted to visit my town so I added all and opened the gates, but the only who got through was Sorrel ^^:

You’re wearing a lovely combination 😀

Instead of Nicole or Louise Meow came to my town and brought me flower seeds! Awww you’re so kind, thank you 😀 Oh no, just a pic of her backside, so I looked for her again and found her in Pompom’s house:

EEEEEEEEEK!!! lol Scary Afro look! LOL 😆 I think even Pompom wants to run away xD :mrgreen:

Juseh was also there! 😀 Lol, Meow I think you don’t need an umbrella with this hair xP

Wow, this spider umbrella is really awesome! ^^

We had a lot of fun with chit-chatting 😀

When it was almost bed-time I thought that I would play with Miki again to give Kyle the chance to meet me again. I felt sorry for him that I could play just for that short time before. So I added Sorrel with Miki so she could come back after I swapped charas.

We ate some fruits while we were waiting, but unfortunately Kyle didn’t come back. But that’s no problem I think, we’ve still a lot of chances to see us 😉 .

Lot of friends, lot of fun,thank you all 😀



  1. im sry i couldnt cum i was afk and i didnt hav time 2 add u… sry… anyway my best friend emma is cumin 4 tea 2morro i was hopin she cud meet sum of u shes tired of hearin me blab on about my adventures so i thought she might want to meet sum of u i will open my gate after emma has got a fc then i hope sum of u cn cum it would b gr8 if u cud and emma would enjoy it a lot ty Von louise!

    • to Louise and Kyle: You don’t have to apologize, it’s ok 😉 . I always think about that something might have keep you busy, I know this situation too well by myself ^^.
      It would be nice to meet Emma, but what’s tea time in UK? 5PM? That would be difficult for me… 😦
      And today I’ve got a meeting with Juseh at 8PM, so maybe we can’t meet us today. But pls give me her FC as soon as you know it, I’ll look for your gates 😉

  2. im sorry i couldnt come to your town again…
    i was too obsessed with playing mario cart wii!!!
    my whole family is obsessed with it(except my dog who just looks at us like were crazy… LOL)but im juggling school work, mario kart, accf, acww, and acc(not really annies forum because there isnt much to do there because there are hardly any users on when i am), i think i will try to balance it out a little bit more…mario kart doesnt need to be played every day so i guess that ill just play that every other day 🙂

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