Posted by: Mayu | January 18, 2009

Meow’s pretty pink flower pattern

Today it was quite late when I finally found some time to play ACWW. I looked with Miki if someone has the gates open… but no luck. Then I swapped to Yuki and yes, Meow’s town Funky is open :D.

This huuge snowman was welcoming me lol. I always like the funny snowmen 😛

Hahaha, Meow you look great today xD 😆 ! And hello Juseh, nice to meet you again 🙂

I strolled over the town and went visiting the neighbours. This is Bella, ummm, I don’t like the mice very much, their squeeky voices are soo noisy lol. xP

But then I found this awesome pattern at Able sisters! 😯 Wow Meow, that pink flower pattern is soo pretty!

More impressive when you use it as an umbrella! I would buy this umbrella in real life if I could!! 😀

Well I saw Meow later that she also changed her clothes into this design, but to make a nice pic I decided to change my haircolour 😉

So Harriet, one haircut please 😀


Katsching! Finished! :mrgreen: Now the fashion show can begin 😀

Aren’t we beautiful? 😀 From the frontside…

… from the back xD. Yaay nice umbrellas!

Thank you Meow for this pattern, I will display it at my Ables sisters too and hope that many of my neighbours are going to wear it 🙂

Some random other news:
I’ve found recently this message in a bottle:

Miyuki from Midoriko, does somebody knows her? It would be nice to meet her xD, sounds very similar to Mayu from Mitsukyo 😛

Another message I’ve found today:

Jenny from Hampton, I think it’s a friend of Meow? When I visited your neighbours I think I’ve read somewhere that this neighbour was from Hampton 😉 . I’ll look for Kiki and Goldie, Jenny xD

And another big news:

😆 😆 :mrgreen: 😆 😆



  1. Lol, that letter from Miyuki Midoriki, I think is my sister! I think.

    • Ahh how nice xD Thanks for the info Yuki 😉

  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it saturday 😦

    I checked around 8pm your time (2pm my time) but there weren’t any gates open…

  3. hannah, its not 8 pm her time yet 😆
    im still waiting for her to open 🙂

    • Ohh Hannah, I’m sorry too that we couldn’t manage to visit us 😦
      And also Kyle, sorry to be so late today 😦 I’ve to go soon again… 😳

  4. lol

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