Posted by: Mayu | January 18, 2009

ACWW fanfic Part 4 by Savvanah

Part 4:Cool Cat

nook: um…well….i was just trying to help.
gracie: I LOVE YOU!
gulliver: humma humma
nook: oh put a sock in it.
gracie picks up her mobile
gracie: table for 2 at the roost please
gracie: someday,nooky…
gracie:….we will get married!
resetti: YESSSSSSSSSSS! Are you deaf or what!

k.k slider: what song do you want?
rover staring into sable’s eyes
rover: k.k love.
whispers to k.k
rover: dedicate it to …..NOOK?
k.k slider: why nook?
rover: NO! look over there! It’s NOOK with ……………GRACIE?
sable: why oh why did HE have to come here tonight? on any night he comes today. i knew it was to good to be true.
gracie: 1 coffee with to straws please.
nook looks at gracie
nook: I think im going to be sick.
Nook looks at sable kissing rover on the cheek.
nook: now i’m going to be sick.
gracie: oh look at sable. she lookes so happy. give me a kiss on my cheek
nook: well……….
gracie: well what?
nook: i’ve cut my lip. i really hurts
gracie: owwwwww. let me kiss it all better
nook: NO WAY! i mean its ok now. lets go and sit with sable and rover
gracie: Why?
nook: because……….because…um………that way we could talk to one another.
gracie: ok then. BREWSTER!!!!! where is my black coffee
brewster: coming you way madam. what a spoilt lady she is
sable: rover…..i love you.
rover: wow, did she just say she loves me?I love you too.
Rover goes to kiss sable when.
nook: hello sable. How LOVELY you look.
sable: WHY OH WHY. GOD HELP ME!!!!!!!
mayu :…………… i just came here to drink coffe and listen to music but this is way better!


just to let my readers know that this is the first love story of 3
please leave if you like this story and i will try to make the others as good




  1. Yes, that’s WAY BETTER! LOL, hahaha funny story, that’s great xD

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