Posted by: Mayu | January 17, 2009

Sorrel from loveland and Juseh from Knosos

…are my newest adult ACWW friends who visited me this evening 😀

I promised to open my gates at 9PM with Yuki, so that Meow, Sorrel and Juseh had the chance to visit me and all were able to visit me, yay:

Left from me is Sorrel who just arrived to Mitsukyo, and right from me with the cute orange hat is Meow ^^

Sorrel had never seen a jacobs ladder before so I gave her one as a present 😉

Ohh who’s that bandaged person? Juseh, a nice guy from Brazil just entered my town 😀

Hii, nice to meet you, too. ^^

Sorrel had to go soon after he arrived, but I hope to see you soon again ;).

Juseh began to touch all accessories and I guided him to all places over town.

Then at the end we all had a nice chit-chat about our different countries and languages, it was really very interesting!! 😀

That’s a cute photo of Meow and Juseh 🙂 . Juseh had a nice hat pattern, can you see it? It’s a cow design xD 😆

Perhaps you can see it better here 😉

We have to meet us soon again, Meow, Sorrel and Juseh I really enjoyed it! 😀



  1. Hey, I hope we can meet up tonight!!
    Oh and BTW for sorrel you put HE!! Sorrel is a she LOL!!!

    I should know naturally…

  2. Oh I meant Juseh with “he” lol, perhaps I should write “after Juseh arrived” 🙄

  3. Hola mayu. Just wanted to let you know that i ordered wifi tonight and i should have it this week. I want to set up a date to touch the accesorises if you dontmind. 🙂

  4. im kind of interupting but i would also like to come to your town maybe tommorrow so i can touch all of the accsesories with my new chara 🙂
    in other news… i couldnt buy turnips this week 😦 i didnt have enough money 😦
    oh well, i guess i will wait until next week…

  5. Ohh sorry Zoe, I was busy at this time … 😦
    We’ll see us this evening ok? 😉

    to Coraline: That’s ok, so when is best for you? I can arrange a meeting almost every day from 2PM-4PM or from 8PM on or we could see us at the weekend earlier 😉

    to Kyle: I’ll open today around 2PM 😉


    Mayu, I added Yuki by mistake (eek!)
    I was meant to add Miki! For the time being can I just visit you as Yuki! I don’t think it really matters and My friend list is basically full, so even thought I’m a kid, can I just see you as Yuki??

    See you soon Yuki/Mayu

    I also want to go to your town if thats ok, I would like to style my hair!


    • Like I said on the other comment, I’ll visit you today with Yuki but from next time on pls add Miki (it isn’t that much work, is it??)

  7. Sure we’ll see each onther tonight!

    I can’t be bothered with all the change-over fuss!

    Can’t wait, and I hope I get to see your town again tonight! I really wan’t to touch all accerories and do my hair.


    P.S. you need to update my FC thing. I have got a user name now.

    • You can be bothered Zoe 😉
      Please add Miki next time, tonight I’ll come with Yuki again but I think it’s more fun for you too when you play with other people around your age. And besides that- I play more often with Miki than with Yuki. So next time I’ll add you with Miki ^^

  8. lol cool pattern

  9. hi i would really like 2 wifi sometime if its
    ok with u

    • Yes sure hope, just leave your details here ^^

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