Posted by: Mayu | January 17, 2009

Birthday, Wifi crash and lovely town la la♪

What a higgledy-piggledy evening today xD. My first visitor was Kyle:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Kyle! Yaaay, now you’re an official teenager 😉 😛
Hope you had a lovely day and lots of fun (and presents) xD

Then another surprise visitor was there, it’s Nico! 😀 It’s great that you can play now in the evenings, too 😉 .So we can see us more often I hope 🙂

We had a nice chit-chat and I gave birthday presents to Kyle.

This is Cindy aka Bubbles, she restarted her town today so I added her back. Umm would be nice Bubbles, if you could write your new FC details on my blog again, that I can update your info 😉
Then Wifi crashed for the first time this evening… 😦 And it was really weird, I thought that all would come back, but I had to wait 20 minutes and reopened 4 times my gates during this time before another visitor could come to my town:

It’s Yuki-*, hiii! 😀

And soon after her Tiegan♥ popped in 😉 :

Well we soon left my town to visit Tiegan♥’s town la la♪

Her entry was really lovely!! 😀

All the flowers, shells and fruits there were a great colourful mix ^^ . Ohh, when I asked who that Steve was Tiegan♥ said that it was her pet (if I remember right it was the hamster? Sorry if not) that pasted away… 😦 Sorry to hear that tiegan♥

Next to me is Petal! Hiiii! 😀

Here you can see her entry better. 😉 I really liked it. It’s a nice idea to use shells as a path.

Then I had a sightseeing through Tiegan♥’s house:

Cool kiddie main room! 😀

Tehehe that’s her spare room, the big panda bear looks huuuge xD

Sorry for the blurriness, I was just rolling over the bed in her lovely room 😆

Lol, nice pic of us!! xD Oh I realized it now, is it Nook’s Cranny wallpaper behind us? 😯

Ouch, ouch, my haaaaair!!! 😯 Dangerous moment in her Nintendo room…

Thank you all for the fun today 😀


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