Posted by: Mayu | January 16, 2009

ACWW fanfic part 3 by Savvanah

Part 3: Rover BIG moment

Rover enters the able sisters
mabel: hello, welcome to the able sisters.
rover: thank you for that but i came in here to see sable
mabel: my sis? she’s in the corner with the sewing machine.
rover: thank you.
Rover makes his way over to sable
sable: …… rover? whta you doing here
rover: you know my name? thank you brewster.ahem. i saw you in the cafe looking my way.
sable: yes….please ask me….
rover: would you like to .. you know….go on a date?!
sable: YES YES YES YES YES! this must be a dream.
rover: ok then. meet me at the cafe about 9:00pm saturday.
sable:saturday. ok .see you there.
Rover leaves the room.
mabel: ……did he …
sable:….ask me out? YES!

nook: ello’ rover. whats up
rover: everything. i got a date
nook: with who?
rover: sable!
nook: Noooo! how can this be
rover: and we are going out tonight
nook: sorry but i have to go. bye
rover: whats up with him?

gracie: nook nook glorious nook. hum, why is there a big shadow above me.
Gracie looks up.
gracie: ARRRR! a falling space ship. It going to hit me. Mayu wh did you have to shoot it down now.?
mayu: JUMP!!!!
Gracie jumps and lands in nooks arms. nook falls down where resetti just came up.
resetti: move you fat raccoon!
gracie: saved me. your my hero. I LOVE YOU!
nook: OH GOD!!!!

until next time……….



  1. LOL, whoa! You gave me the thrill when I suddenly read my name in your story xD. Hehehe thanks a lot, I feel a little flattered 😳
    Really funny story 😀

  2. Cool story!! 😀 When are you gonna write chapter 4?

  3. lol funny story nook:OH GOD!!!

  4. Hee Hee.
    I love you!
    OH GOD!!!!!!!

  5. hehe never thought nook could be so humerous 😀

  6. lilli: in my world he is
    mayu: thanks
    everyone: chapter 4 is coming soon

  7. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay i cant wait 2 no wot happens i cant wait hurry up writing!

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