Posted by: Mayu | January 14, 2009

Pitfall and bad luck

Ok, some pictures again of today’s game play ^^:
I was surprised, around lunch time there were a lot of people in my chatroom: P!nk, Nico and Bubbles ^^. Well P!nk should be normal because it’s already evening in Australia but Bubbles and Nico both had school off today 😉 (hope you feel better soon Bubbles) (and Nico’s school was closed today for the pupils ). So we all met us in my town:

Bubbles and P!nk have already arrived here 😀

Nico just had to go offline 😉

Lol, this was in Bubbles town Meville, I just fell into a pitfall, doh!

Heeey P!nk are you watering me?!? Is this the only reaction when you see me here struggling?!? xD And you Nico, just don’t look, help me!! xP
Well I managed to come out (whatelse lol) but P!nk and Nico saw me still struggling there for about 3 minutes LOL. (because of Wifi lagging I assume 😉 )

Aww, this is a cute photo of us ^^. Sorry P!nk that you were cut at the edge, it’s really difficult to get us 4 into a close-up

This picture was taken in the evening. Petal and Louise were my first visitors. Tehehe Louise, you look really Asian tonight with those eyes 😆

Bubbles and Petal were trying to catch the coelacanth but both had bad luck this evening. Just Louise caught her second coelacanth here LOL. How unfair xP .

Aww Bubbles, you were so eager to catch the coelacanth but you had no luck… 😦 Fingers crossed for next time 😉

Petal wanted some patterns from Miki so we swapped them at Able sisters 😉

Petal:”I’M COLD!!!!” NO WONDER!!! Why are you wearing Haileys bikini?!? 😯 😆 :mrgreen:

Oh I forgot to say yesterday, this evening I’m not going to open with Miki because I’ve got a meeting with Yuki. Sorry, see you perhaps tomorrow then 😉



  1. This morning i was searching for coalocanthes in the rain but I found a tuna!I’m gonna sell him though!

  2. i caught 5 coelacanths in 1 day! woo hoo

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