Posted by: Mayu | January 12, 2009

New Wifi friend: P!nk from CoolTown

This morning I saw a new person on my blog and she asked for a meeting. So as I had time and was also awaiting Lilli to come I’ve added her and she came soon after this for the first time to Mitsukyo 😀 :

There she is 😀

She also liked to touch all items in my town and I guided her through all the squares 😉

You look cute with your baby hood xD

Lol, sorry Lilli, I just took a pic of you when you were afk 😛 😉

Then we went to P!nk’s town CoolTown ^^

First try… then Wifi crashed lol

Yay, this time was better, Lilli also dropped by 😉

We strolled over her town…

…bought something from Nook’s shop to let it expand ^^ …

and of course also had a sightseeing in her house 😉

Lilli bought new red glasses, pretty 😀

And I saw a Nintendo letter on the bulletin board. I’ve never had one during my 2 years of gameplay on my bulletin board 8O, although I allowed it at my settings at the phone in the bedroom. Is it just here in Germany or Europe generally that we don’t get any Nintendo letters?

Thanks for the fun P!nk and Lilli 😀



  1. Looks fun!

  2. hehe!

  3. Can I please come to your town again? This is Alison I just got a blog!

    • Yes of course ^^ I’m opening today at 2PM my time 😉

  4. i think ive had a nintendo letter b4 but i dont quite remember oh well…

  5. Isn’t that midnight my time?
    … I’ll try to come.

  6. uhh sorry Alison, it was yesterday xD and I didn’t thought about our 10 hours difference 😳 when you’re still here I can open again 😉

  7. OK

  8. Hi I’ll open now ^^

  9. i played with her on monday i think im not quite sure though… 😕

  10. Was I mean? Sorry, kyle.

  11. Mayu, can I please take some of the pics of me for my blog?

    • Yes P!nk, I don’t mind if you use the pics with yourself on it for your blog 😉 . You can always do that as long as it’s considered with you 😀

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