Posted by: Mayu | January 11, 2009

ACWW fanfic by Savvanah

Seeing as a lot of peolpe have wrote stories laterly i thought i might write one.

rover,sable,nook and gracie-part 1

brewster: drink it while it’s hot
rover: ……..
brewster: the coffee! drink it up
rover: oh yeah. sorry
brewster: who are ya looking at?
rover: her (pointing to a brown hedgehog
brewster:you mean sable. Lovely girl she is
rover: sable huh. she pretty
brewster: she works at able sisters next to nook’s. go see her there.
rover :thanks. hey she ‘s looking this way . how do i look?
brester: good. with a nice cofffee mostashe.

mabel:hello? earth to sis? is anyone there?
sable:he’s cute
mabel:who? you mean rover
sable: yer. he’s cute
mabel: go take to him
sable:no, i’m too imbrassed to.
mabel:fine. you ahd your chance. let’s get back to work.
sable: … ok
Mabel and Sable leave the cafe.



  1. Awsome story! 😀 Awwwww nice combo Sable and Rover 😛 Cute! 😉 Imagine if they had kids..they would be called hedgecats xD Cool story though…I already said that lols 😛

  2. Thanks Amanda
    You just got to wait what happens next…

    • Oh sorry Savvanah, I posted it on my blog and forgot to make a comment xD.
      Hehehe I like the Brewster scene, and yes I’m also curious about what happens next 😀

  3. no probelm mayu
    thanks though for posting it

  4. dear mayu
    sorry i haven’t been on here lately,
    see my ds was broken so no acww
    it better now
    i will come on more
    hope to here from you soon
    p.s im writing another story!

    • Hi Savvanah, it’s so good to hear from you again! 😀
      Aww so your DS is kaput 😦
      Well, I think a pause from acww isn’t a bad thing either 😉
      But I’m looking forward to your new story 😀

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