Posted by: Mayu | January 10, 2009

Busy touch event

Hehe, this evening I had many visitors for my January event:

That’s Georgiie who just began the busy work ^^

But also Yuki-* came over and fingered all accessories. ^^

Georgiie at another spot 🙂

Kyle just wanted to touch the turban of my special items, the rest he wants to earn them by himself, nice attitude 😀 Tehehe Yuki was just talking to us, cute xD

I think Georgiie was just afk at this time when I take a pic of her xP :P.
Cute outfit today Georgiie 😉

Later on (when Wifi crashed again) a stringfish came for a visit…8O a stringfish?? No, it was

Louise! 😆 She just caught a stringfish before 😀 , congrats!

Well, for a long time Louise, Kyle and me were alone in my town, I also wondered why no one came back from before, but I think they all had Wifi problems to come in… 😦 Here we waited for Petal, who tried a lot of times to get in… (Louise told us about it, because she talked to Petal in my chatroom)

Kyle and me began to have a serious talk with Copper… 👿

But he was quite stubborn!!! 👿

So what to do next? Let’s go to Louise’s town ^^

But the bad mole didn’t let us have fun in li’l ville 👿



  1. yay, ive never been on when you were actually postring the pictures ^^
    you must have gone to lilvil but the rest of us didnt, and didnt we go to petals town after that?

    • Again about same time I think, 8PM 😉

  2. also, when can you open your gates today?

  3. where you say ‘bad mole didnt let us having fun in li’l vil’ you say ‘bad mole didnt let us have fun in li’l vil’ darn me! im the grammar police again! well if u ever want me to stop, just tell me.

  4. Hey Mayu! We have got to have a wifi visit sometime … are you on If so, please send me a friend code request on there. Username mrsgrape87 … thanks!

    • to Josie: No no I appreciate it, thanks 😀 (only this way I can improve my English ^^)

      to Ms Grape: Yes, ok I’ll do that 😀

  5. that serious talk with copper made all coppers in the world rethink of me, then today i could come! :mrgreen: the bad thing: Wifi kept crashing…

  6. P!nk CoolTown 2707-5507-0180 Australia
    Add me plz.
    I really want to touch the accessories.
    And everyone else please add me!

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