Posted by: Mayu | January 7, 2009

Finally PTS in liz town :D

HOOORRAAAY, I went to lilli’s town liz town again to help her another time to get PTS 😉

Hi Lilli, wooow, so many cool patterns you’ve got here 😯 . Yoshi, Luigi and Spongebob, yay xD

I wonder what you’ve got under your pompom hat…

… 😆 o~kay, a cute boyish hairstyle tehehe. Well, she chose a wrong hairstyle but this isn’t that bad Lilli 😀 .

Nice Lilli, you have planted loads of flowers in your town 🙂

…but Phyllis wants still more trees in your town 😦

Ok, never mind then we plant some more xP

Finally we were able to see that announcement:

“It’s unbelievable, Liz town is sheer lunacy!”

We both were very happy!!! :mrgreen:

Then Lilli came to my town to touch my accessories 😉

After that we spent a little time in my museum.

Ouch, bad mosquito!! xP 😆

It was a very succesful morning, I love those moments 🙂
Hope to see you again Lilli 😀



  1. that was so much fun mayu thx for a great time:D

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