Posted by: Mayu | January 6, 2009

Yay, Kerstin came for a visit

Hello Kerstin, it has been a while when we saw us last time! 😀

But here you are! Great, I’m glad to see you again ^^
We began to visit every neighbour of me 🙂

Kerstin:”*whisper* Don’t you think Butch is a little “strange”?? He’s wearing a Bikini in winter… 8o ”
Mayu:”Shhh…yes… really weird”

Mayu shouting:” Hey Kerstin, did you know, Boone like tight ballet suits!!!!”

Uh oh I’ve to persuade Marina again to stay at Mitsukyo. No one leaves my town without giving me their photo before… 👿

I asked Kerstin what pattern she’s wearing, and so she showed me this on the umbrella. Isn’t it nice? 😀

Before I had to go she left a message on my bulletin board. Thanks a lot Kerstin, I really had fun today 😀

By the way, I see that your face is still wrong (for the others, she tried to get tanned with a cheat code, but that had changed her face too) and as I was helping Nico yesterday with the same problem I would perhaps like you to try this code, which I found in the web:
(in German: Kerstin, ich habe gestern ein code gefunden, der dich wahrscheinlich wieder zum alten Gesicht führt, wenn du magst, versuch mal dieses (du hattest doch dasselbe Gesicht wie Mayu oder?))
121d 9018 0000 029a
To all others: This is just an European AR code which will change your face in a female face like Mayu (blue eyes with red cheeks) with red long hairs. Don’t try it unless you know how to remove it again, because it’s not that easy to get your former face back. (the last four bits of this code determine your tan, your hair colour, your hair style and your face)



  1. yay!!
    isnt she the one who has the awesome towns?
    like waterworld, desert, aand Rose and Cedar(thats my fav)
    to bad she can only speak german, otherwise i would really like to meat her!! and(if she would)she could help me in designing my town!

    • Yes that’s her! 😀 Tehehe, I’ve told her that some of my blog visitors really want to meet her ^^ She was surprised by it and I think she was glad to hear that 😉

  2. i wonder if there is any way to meet her, maybe have someone like you who knows her and knows both german and english very well, who can translate what i say in english to german…

    • Yes, that would be possible. But I also meet her really seldom, but when I know that we will meet us next time I’ll give a hint to you 😉 (perhaps over ACC and on my blog), then I could also add you temporarily with Mayu ^^

  3. Awe cool! I want an AR but wi-fi first manda! *talks to self* XD

  4. well yeah, that could be hard to do because your last post about her was a long time agoe and because of the time difference, we would have to be really lucky as to when she comes because it is real;ly hard for me to come on the weekdays 😦
    i guess that we’ll seee if we can actually be that lucky 😆 😀

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