Posted by: Mayu | January 6, 2009

Touch all accessories!

This month I’ve decided to make an “touch all accessories”-event to help you completing your catalogue 😉

All hats, glasses, feathers and moustaches and such things (130 in total) are spread over my town in 3×3 squares as usual.

Look out for the hat and glasses design on the ground there you can touch those items 😉

Like my other touch-events I’ve listed all items in a pdf-file and on the map you can see my places for the accessories.
The easiest and quickest way to touch all is to follow the numbers on the map, then pick all 9 items at once of one square:

The next step is to stand in the centre of the square:

and release all 9 items back to the ground. It doesn’t matter on which place the items are falling back but be sure that the items come back into the same square you got them before (ummmm, I hope you understood this – don’t mix up items of several squares)

The square in front of my house has got a special meaning:

I’ll keep it always empty – because there I would put all unique and rare items (i.e. all feathers, royal crown, crown, halo and turban) only if you REALLY want to touch them, you have to say it explicitly to me.

I think I would kill your joy of getting these things by yourself, I still remember how proud I was when I got my last rainbow feather or when I was able to buy a royal crown. The turban is also a rare item which you can only get by giving a red turnip to Wendell, so probably this will also spoil some fun if you already got it in your catalogue.
Don’t misunderstand me, when you ask me for those things to touch, I’ll instantly put it outside for you, promised. Just please ask for yourself if you really want to get those thing in that easy way 😉

Ok, I think I just have to give you the map and the list now, then I hope you have fun with touching the accessories! 😀

All accessories(English/German)



  1. Süüüüüß ❤
    Schade dass ich keine passenen Kleider dann dazu hab… XD

  2. i guess ill come over sometime on the weekend(m,aybe during the week too because of snow 👿 )

  3. this is my new icon and name for wordpress…

  4. When can we come over? This seems like fun 😀

    • This event will take all January, so I think you’ve got enough time to touch them 😉 (even if some of you couldn’t manage to come this month, I can even keep it a little longer for you if you ask me for that ).

      And I’ll try to open gates almost every day at 8PM, sometimes I think I won’t be actually active playing there but sleeping, but I hope you behave all well and be fair players during that time (which I’m convinced of 😉 )

      to Coraline, xPatriick and kyle, sorry that I’ve deleted all your comments here, but I think you can understand, that was too much of personal chatting here lol (don’t worry, I’m not mad about it, but I just thought it would be better for both sides, when not everybody of the world wide web would read about your personal matters 😉 )

  5. Oh yay! Touch all accessories, that sounds like fun also 🙂 When can I come to Mitsukyo? The only thing is, I’m busy with school now (yes it’s started back 😦 ), but anytime on Saturday, I think, I’m free to come. Also, I have a question: how come you can’t order the halo from Nook?

  6. i have the halo.


    how long will this event go on? i really want to touch the items but my mom said no wifi until like 3 weeks. D;

  7. ohhh nooooo!!!
    hey isnt your name caroline not coraline?!?!?!?! XD)

  8. i think ill changer back to kyle…

  9. here i am 🙂
    back to kyle 😉

  10. I know! I have to pay for it by myself so $10×3 weeks = 30 bucks. 🙂

    And nope it’s -Cora-line

  11. ohh, cool
    never heard of that name before but it is an interesting twist 🙂 😆 🙂 😆 🙂

  12. Meh. Good idea, but I think you should hold more competitions.

  13. Ya I was going to ask if you could delete mine anyway

    • i can’t get wifi i don’t know how 4 god sakes

      • Hello, ummm Toffee? Cara? Well those two had the same IP adress like you lol. Have you read my post about Wifi-setup on the FAQ page? When you’ve read it and tried it, can you try to explain me what exactly the problem is? I would like to help you, if I can…

  14. I’m sorry about that, I just found out that you had a chat room :-/

  15. No, don’t worry, it’s ok ^^

  16. Hi Yuki, I’d love to touch the five (I think) remaining accessories I need (and the feathers 😉 ).

    Let me know when is good for you, thanks.

    • No problem Alex 😀 ! Actually I really would like to see you again ^^. How about Friday morning around 10AM your time?

  17. That’ll be ok, thanks.

  18. Lost off Disconnections when i was in your town. 😥
    Btw, did you take any pictures?

  19. Hi Miki, Iwould love to come to your town but I can’t do it my house. I can only do it in Thea’s house. I’ve got wifi but I can’t connect to it on my nintendo:)

  20. That smily face was supposed to be a sad face!

  21. Ohh, but Doctor, some people find these ‘touch all’ events really useful, I think Mayu does enough competitions, and besides, thinking of prizes is hard.

  22. It’s awesome that you’re doing this!
    I’m trying to collect all the items now, it’s taking a while but I think I can do it the hard way!
    I’ve already gotten all the feathers except for the rainbow, so I have a few hard parts down already!

    Good luck with your event ^_^

  23. to Jasmin: If you’re visiting Thea and you want to connect to me, just give me a hint and I’ll open ^^

    to Beckerz: Thank you!! 😀 I know how hard it is to get all feathers xP (6.400.000 bells – so much money 😯 )

  24. hello miki
    the 2 items i did not get were white veil from 7 and mini-mustache from 13 and i think you should know that the renet wig on my ds is spelt regent wig i went on the internet to check that regent and shalappperucke were the same and they are the same thing! i think you should change that.
    from louise!

    • Thank you Louise, I’ll do it 😉

  25. Thanks Miki

  26. hey im new i dont have maney friends:( but i found this websight and was wondering if i could swap fc’s???

    and i would like to do this acssery(sorry 4 spelling )thingy can i post my fc here?because u guys seem cool

    town:la la
    fc 369541151727

    sorry i im not aloud

  27. thank u

    ill add anyone

  28. Hello and welcome! 😀
    Yay another new friend here ^^ I’ll add you asap with Miki, feel free to add her too.
    Btw I’ll try to open my gates in the evening again around 8PM my time (see the time stamp of this post – it’s my real time so you can compare) would be nice to see you then ^^ (or we can also make another date if you can only play during this time 😉 )

  29. ok it would be fun its about the same time were i am(england,im not amrican)ill be there

  30. Hello!
    I’ve been reading your ACWW Diary for some days now and I would really like to visit your town. If you use MSN messenger you can add so we could schedule the visit. Or, if you simply open your gates at some specific time, could you tell when will it be? (the time region would be usefull, too. I live at GMT -3:00 : Brazil – but I garantee you I am not like those “BR players” that keep bothering people at online games; and I have already read your rules)
    Here’s my FC, name and town. I have already added Yuki.
    1934 – 1578 – 2217
    Name: Juseh
    Town: Knosos

    Thanks, and I hope we can connect soon 😉

    *I appologise for any mistakes in my text

    • Aww, thank you Juseh, you’re very kind ^^
      Ah, so I assume you’re an adult? I’ll add you with Yuki too thanks for your FC.
      And you’re from Brazil, how cool is that! I like to have ACWW friends all over the world and I don’t know of any bothering BR players, that’s new to me, LOL.
      But sorry I don’t schedule times over msn or email, it’s just easier for me, when we can settle this on my blog. I also announce sometimes when my gates are going to be opened, so feel free to come in when you see my gates open. 😉 My time zone is GMT:+1h so we’re 4 hours away

  31. dangit. when will my mom let me take money outta my account for wifi?

  32. okay. i have a great idea. my mom transfers money to her account and buys it for me! is she goes for this idea ill buy wi-fi off eBay tonight and will get it by Friday. 😀

  33. That would be great Coraline!! 😀

  34. hi mayu ich hab ne frage also ich kann dich vielleicht bald besuchen und ich würde mich freuen du mir eine prinzenkrone schenken würdest ich hoffe das ist nicht zu viel verlangt

    • Ganz ehrlich?? Das ist unverschämt! 😛
      Ich bin doch nicht die eierlegende Wollmilchsau. 🙄
      Wie du vllt. noch nicht weisst, ich habe KEIN AR 😉

  35. oh sorry ich dachte du hättest schon über 4 millionen?hehe….sorry about that

    • Ist ok Frost xD, ist ja auch so, dass man so eine Prinzenkrone gar nicht bestellen kann, ich müsste dann eh abwarten bis das wieder bei Tina und Sina auftaucht 😉

  36. hey kann ich auch mal die sachen anfassen? ich hab ja noch den alten fc…

    • Ja klar Alice, wann hast du Zeit? Morgen oder übermorgen Nachmittag so um 16Uhr?

  37. gerne^^ ich hab jedenfalls zeit

  38. Hello,does any body know how much do u have to pay for the feathers? I have some (i think green,blue and yellow) ,but i forgot the prices 😳

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