Posted by: Mayu | January 6, 2009

Haru’s guests: Amanda, Noni and Anita

Today I had Gwen’s new character Amanda in town (actually there’s an ‘ above the second a but I think my keyboard doesn’t have the proper driver to display it 😦 )

I’ve ordered her an outfit and a hat, but before she’s going to wear it she had to do a new hairstyle 🙂

Noni and me were waiting for her outside Nookingtons ^^ . Wow so many stars around your head Noni xD

Ahhhh, there she’s coming out! You made more stars Noni 😯 lol

You look pretty Amanda! 😀

But she also went shopping at Ables sisters shop ^^
Then I had to go and prepare supper, meanwhile Anita was also there and I just took one little pic of her.

Sorry about that Anita 😉 Hope to see soon again 😀



  1. i know that i already commented on this but its so nice to c some of your other friends again(even though i never actually met them lol XD )

    • Haha thanks Kyle, I’m also glad to see old ACWW friends again 😉

  2. The last pic is quite good quality : )

  3. Haha thanks Sorrel xD
    You see a difference to the other pics above? oO Me not lol

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