Posted by: Mayu | January 6, 2009

Early in the morning

Husssshhh… lovely clouds – great weather 🙂 6.30AM in the morning, Mayu woke up and begins to water the withered flowers:

I like the early mornings in ACWW 😀 .The mist is falling gently on the river and the music background is groovy ^^

Oh Caroline, you look sad… what’s up?
Caroline:”There’s someone in Bauer, who I can’t forget…”
Ohhh you speak about Kurt? I haven’t seen him for a long time either… 😦

Caroline: “It’s Julie, if it’s of your interest. What a nice person.”
Ahh Julie, yes, I’ve met her once, too 😉

Caroline:”Such a fashion designer! We haven’t seen us for 35 days now…”
I should invite her, that you can see her again, Caroline! 🙂

I took a deep fresh breath at the sea. Haaaaaa~~~ relaxing ^^

Oh there’s a new neighbour, who might it be?

………..omg, it’s BOONE!!!! 😯 😯 😯 (does anyone know whose town is Coneas?) Meeeeeeh, I must admit, I’m not happy to see him AGAIN in my town. The first months of ACWW I always played over DS to DS with my sons and hubby, and Boone kept moving from one town to the other. So I had him 4 times in my town (yuck!!) now I can’t stand him anymore!!!! xP
Sorry Boone, but I would be glad if you pack your stuff again and move out! :mrgreen:
Well, he wanted to see my house as soon as I talked to him again (sigh) and around 8AM he was there:

Boone:”Heyho, Mayu, what profession do you think I’m going to have in the future?”
Interesting question Boone, what answers do I have?

Sumowrestler, bodybuilder, ballet dancer or Kung-Fu master??
Of course BALLET DANCER!!! :mrgreen: 😆

Boone:”A ballet dancer,hm? I… think that might be possible, hijaah!”
😯 OHH? Really?? 😯 (that was unexpected!)

Boone:”I mean, I’ve got the muscles for it, but those tight suits…”
Noooo, I don’t want to imagine you with tight ballet suits!!! LOL xP

Boone:”Please don’t tell anyone, but…”
Yes? 😯

Boone:”…I always wanted to wear this once…hijaah”
LOL :mrgreen: 😆 I think I’ve revealed one of your secrets, Boone xD.
So please everyone, don’t tell anyone about this dark secret 😉 😛



  1. Coneas ist die Stadt von Lisa, sie ist im Forum angemeldet 😀

  2. Ooooh, I’m sorry I don’t Wi-fi much. I’ll try to come regular time tomorrow.

  3. truthfully, in my opinion, i think ALL men in tights look terrible.

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