Posted by: Mayu | January 4, 2009

Many friends in town again^^

Ok, I’ve got a lot of photos again for you about our meeting this evening ^^

When I opened my gates I just got outside of it and then -beep-beep-beep- a guest arrived to Mitsukyo – it’s Louise! Hello 😀

Uri and Yuki came too, yay! Both have got their upper screen broken so it was quite hard for them to keep up the conservation … That must be really bad… 😦

Ohhh, you look totally different today Yuki 😀

That was my last picture before… Wifi broke again 👿 !!!

My newest visitor-team was: Louise, Kyle and Petal 😉

I’m back into tuuuuurnips, :mrgreen: !! Lol, last week I took a pause from turnip trade because I thought over New Year there’s not a lot of chance to meet people with a good turnip price 😉 . But this Sunday I bought 6 loads full of turnips again from Joan.

We chatted a while…

and I took some close-ups as usual 😉

I can’t sleeeeeep!!!! Muaaaaaahhh!!! 😆

Petal:”Once upon a time there was a little lady…” , ahhhh much better now, thank you Petal :mrgreen:




  1. yyaayy!!! u put the photos on! :mrgreen: the story was great, u fell right asleep after! lol

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