Posted by: Mayu | January 2, 2009

Yuki-*, Bubbles, Meaghan and Petal

Wow, I had such a fun evening again. 😀 It all began with Yuki-*, I said to her that I will buy something from her Nookway to let it finally expand to Nookingtons.
We made this meeting in her town Kiyoto♥ rather short, because she still has got her upper screen broken, so she couldn’t always see what I’m saying to her when she also was writing something. 😉

Hi Yuki-* it’s good to see you again ^^. Last time was extremely short when we visited us 😉

Ok here I bought a bird cage from Nook’s shop, I hope he will expand soon ^^

A last picture of us two before I was going to open (others were waiting for that too lol).
And it would be easier for Yuki-* just to visit my town, then she doesn’t have to talk that much 😉

My first visitor in Mitsukyo was Bubbles from Mewville! Hiya! 😀
Oh a visitor is just coming, who might it be? Yuki-*?

No, it’s Meaghan from Corbie 😉 , yay

Haha, Bubbles asked me to take a pic of her question mark emotion xD, I hope it’s ok with this 😛

Well, Petal (right) was my last visitor and then my town has been full 😉
Unluckily Yuki-* always got error codes and Copper didn’t let her go through the gates… 😦
But I promised her to open gates later again for her.

Another pic of Meaghan, Bubbles and me before we decided to go to Bubbles town 🙂


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