Posted by: Mayu | January 2, 2009

Winter/Christmas event winners!!

The poll has ended and this is the result:

First place: Hannah

Second place: Julia

Third place: Jimmy aka Jcs1994

Congrats to our winners!!! 😀
Hannah you won 15x 99k = 1.485.000 bells
Julia you won 10x 99k = 990.000 bells
Jimmy you won 6x 99k = 594.000 bells

Please give me a date when I can deliver the bells to you 😉

(This post refers to my December event of 2008 : look here )



  1. […] poll has ended and you can see the result on this post: Winter/Christmas event winners Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)December event: Winter/Christmas pattern […]

  2. Congrats Hannah, Julia and Jimmy!
    Wow, Julia, it’s the second time you got a prize in a competition!

  3. so whats going to be January’s event?
    i have a pretty good idea.

    • Tell me, tell me xD
      Otherwise I would think of an “touch all accessories” or something like that 😉

  4. Awww… I wanted Georgii to win 😦

  5. It is
    The big ACWW clotheing design compitetion

  6. Hi Mayu.
    Cool I had no idea who was going to win! =)
    My wi-fi is very buggy right now but within next week I will be able to either open my gates or come to your town. Thank you! Happy New Year!

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! The three designs I liked best won! Good prize idea Mayu but in the next year you might lose all your bells lol. 😆

  8. thats like 3 mill right?

  9. Oh and next time can you do an event I can participate in?

  10. to Roi: That’s a good idea, but I think two contests straight after the other would be kinda boring 😉 . But I’ll keep your idea in mind for the next time, thank you ^^

    to Hannah: Ok, just give me a hint, when you’re going to open 😀

    to Michela: Yes, I can’t always spend such a lot of bells for my contests xD. And let’s see if I can find an event where you can also participate… hmmm…. well, I’ve to think over…

  11. Yea i was just telling you as an idea for like another month

  12. Awww I just saw that I won a prize 😀
    I thank you all for voting for me 🙂
    I wanted Hannah to win or Georgiie, they both have very cute patterns 😉

  13. When will another contest be? Like not as many bells for prizes but yea!

  14. lol. i forgot to sign in. thats me. ^^

  15. Welcome back Julia ^^ It’s good to see you again, I missed you 😉 How was holiday in Poland?

    to Coraline: I think it would be in spring, perhaps March, then you can design some nice spring shirt patterns 😉

  16. I missed you, too 🙂
    It was actually very cold there, -22 C° all the time and there was much snow 😀 It was really cool there and we´ve had a nice time 😉 How was your holiday?

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