Posted by: Mayu | December 30, 2008

Friends, fun & Wifi errors

Wow I met a lot of friends this evening. It started with Melissa’s town funville, which I saw open and so I travelled to USA to meet her 😉

Melissa in cute Kimono dress again and left from me is Kyle.

He wanted to show me his latest catch:

Nice tuna!! 😀

Then Wifi broke and as Melissa didn’t open her gates again I let visitors come to Mitsukyo.

Meaghan from Corby took the chance to visit me. It’s our first time we meet 😀

We strolled over the town and then went to see my house.
Meanwhile Louise also came for a visit, hi!! 😀

Haha, Meaghan also liked the Panda family very much, so I gave them again as a present 😉

Well Wifi broke again and this time Petal (right with blonde bun) dropped by ^^
It has been a while, Petal, I’m glad we met us again 😀

Oh, just one pic of Uri with the crown, sorry about that Uri… ^^;

Sigh, I think that was the 4th opening after Wifi crashed and the three eyed person is Louise there 😆

Although Resetti popped up that much (Nintendo, make your servers more steadily pleaaase) I had a lot of fun tonight, thank you all!


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