Posted by: Mayu | December 27, 2008

Uri from pigtown

Almost one week ago I talked about that I’ve met Uri in Kyle’s town midnight but I couldn’t talk to her that much because she was afk. Well today I had the chance to meet her again, because I saw her gates open 😀 .

Ahh, so this is pigtown 🙂 .Hehehe, your flag is really cool and fits perfectly! xD
And nice golden path pattern 😯 .

Hi Uri, I really enjoyed to see you again 🙂

Her town was FULL of flowers, I really liked that.

Another BIG snowman like Julia’s snowman xD. Hehehe, it’s funny ^^

Oh this is inside Uri’s house and I was impressed with this throne room, all in all she had three thrones in her house.

And lots of neighbour pics. Good work! 😀

I also met some of Uri’s friends here. This is Ellie from Gabsville ^^ .She was that kind and asked me to add her into my roster and vice versa.

Uri called us to come to this bridge, because she wanted to release a sweet little tiny seabutterfly 😉 . But I was too late with my photo, the seabutterfly was already gone… 😛

I had a lot of fun in pigtown. Hope to see you both soon! 🙂



  1. Hmm..pigtown? Nice name! 🙂

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