Posted by: Mayu | December 27, 2008

Nico restarted again ;)

Today I could visit Nico in his new (old) town Manila, he started his town 3 days before again (well, I think you might know now that he loves to create new towns and to start from the beginning 😉 ).

Ohh what a cute snowman, Nico actually wanted to participate on the winter/Christmas contest but he was too late to give it to me… 😦
(but perhaps you just try? Savvanah also send me her pattern today 😛 )

Nice town, you also planted many flowers in your town, it was really lovely.
But where are you? xD

There!! 😛 Hi Nico! ^^

I also visited his neighbours. That’s Static, I had a Static also once in my town, but that’s long time ago. He’s a really cool neighbour I think (He just said:”I’m looking forward to a new year full of idiocy” xD lol)

Aww the sweet little house with snow on the roof looks even more cute than the normal little house 😀

Nice living room, also cool idea to place the fireplace in the centre of the room, normally I saw it at the wall ^^

I think… I would feel very uncomfortable to sleep on this bed… the fire is alarmingly close to the bed cover… and besides that it smells of grilled fish all the time 😆

Cooeeeee! Good boy, Mr. Metroid! :mrgreen:

I admired Nico’s perfect snowman. It says:”Well, I’m a good looking snowman, but where are the snowwomen?” xP

Thank you Nico for letting me visit! 😉



  1. Awsome possum Mayu! 😉 I only just realized that “Static” is german is “Rudolf”, like Rudolf the red nosed reindeer xP

  2. btw bullsh*t is a rude word where I live. Cool post. I have to re-add you AGAIN nico lol. How many times now? 23?

  3. awesome possum is my thing! but its like everyone elses so you can take it! awesomeness possumness!

  4. 😯 Uh oh, thank you for telling me Michela, I don’t want to have such a rude word on my blog lol . Hmmm sometimes my dictionary isn’t that helpful xP.

  5. i didnt know that it was in the dictionary lol

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