Posted by: Mayu | December 27, 2008

Ellie’s town Gabsville

What an evening, I had my gates open but no one could enter my town without getting the error code 86420. Also when I tried to visit Kurt, I had 86420… 😦 Was it that bad for you too? We tried a good hour to meet us, but we failed entirely.
But then suddenly another friend had opened the gates and it was Ellie from Gabsville, who I just added this afternoon. And surprisingly I could visit her without any problems 😀 :

Hiiii! It’s nice to see you that soon again 😉

Woow, you have got such an impressive entrance. Like a golden city!

Her town was full with interesting spots, like the nice pattern on the bridge or this acorn tree. But also sparkling cedars and lots of money trees could be seen in Gabsville 😀 .

Ha ha, Ellie was the first one who saw, that when I wrote something on a bulletin board, it says in German “von Miki” instead of “from Miki”. 😯 I didn’t know it either!! I always assumed this will automatically be translated into the according language xP

Ellie also showed me her room and she has got three rare pets in her house: a shark, an ocean sunfish and a coelacanth. But they don’t have names yet 😛

That’s her Japanese style room… Well, she sees Tatami floor on the ground, I only see a dungeon carpet xP . It’s a shame that we couldn’t have the tatami floor or shoji wallpaper 😦

Thank you Ellie, you’re a wonderful ACWW player, I had a lot of fun with you 😀



  1. was this before or after we tried to get into your town (me and kurt)

    • This was after that 😉

  2. 80 How is it possible to have an acorn tree?!

  3. Awsome Ellie! 🙂 Your town is amazing! 😯 :mrgreen:

  4. lightshine32, she has ar that is the only way, or she knows someone who ghas ar and they traveled to her town and dropped the tree as a seed

  5. I thought you knew it showed up as that, because I wrote on your bulletin board once. But I’v seen “Von Miki” many times!

  6. Thanks, Kyle! :mrgreen:

  7. … what is a coelacanth? i kow they are popular and hard to get… sorry i sound totally stupid but just wondering.

    • No problem Amber, a coelacanth is a very rare fish which you can only get when it’s raining or snowing. The shadow looks little bigger than a seabass and so difficult to get, because it’s very fast and flee away very easily

  8. Hopefully in AC:CF you get the Japanese style. I thik it could be because there’s another sort of floor and wall that are like a dungeon. However it is only available via Saharah.


    • Well it’s not my acorn tree but that of Ellie 😉 . She hacked it with help of Action Replay. Those acorn trees doesn’t appear in normal game play.

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