Posted by: Mayu | December 25, 2008

Winter/Christmas pattern poll

Yaaay, so today is the announced last day to participate on our winter/Christmas pattern competition and polling will start right now! 😀

Please choose which pattern you like most and please also one choice per person 😉

Alice Ethan
Georgiie Hannah
Jcs1994j Julia
Kitty Kurt
Kyle Lolli
The Doctor Forever Savvanah

The poll has ended and you can see the result on this post:
Winter/Christmas event winners



  1. Hannah i want that pattern so badly!
    is it posted anywhere on animal xing or ACC?

  2. there all awesome! i got a wii and city folk for xmas!^^

  3. Cool! You can insert a poll in a post? Good luck everyone! 😀

  4. i know that you will prob say no but here gos:

    can i vote again? i voted for the wrong person 😯

  5. hey? Guess wat! I got ACWW! Ya, i said i might get it! well, bye! ps I voted 4 julia!

  6. kurt sorry everyone but i think its the best by way far!!!

  7. yeah, kurt’s is probably the best. Mine is just poorly done… 😦

  8. i guess i dont need to change my vote 🙂
    i voted for hannah by the way,
    also, I CAN’T GET INTO ACC!!!!!!!
    its not the fact that i dont know the password, its the fact that i cant get into the site!
    can anyone help me?

  9. nvm

  10. Wow thanks you guys =)
    I haven’t posted it anywhere…yet. Once I configure my router so I can do wireless again, you can just come to my town. I’m flattered. Happy Holidays!

  11. to patch: To pixel Hannah’s pattern just click right on the winter/Christmas pattern post ( and then directly on her pattern. Then a bigger photo with all infos about the pattern will pop up 😉

    And sorry about the wrong voting, but I’ve no access to change it on the poll server…

  12. Wow, everyone did so well! Kurt got my vote, I’m even using it as my wallpaper in my house!
    Hope you all had a great Christmas!

  13. Mayu
    soz i haven’t been on lately
    i have just been busy
    animalxing ain’t working for me
    (my coloures ain’t coming up)
    i will try again

    • Savvanah, uhh sorry that it didn’t work, but you see poll is already starting, I think you would have now very bad conditions to win this contest 😦 . Don’t be sad I think I’ll make another contest in spring next year, so be prepared 😉

  14. Ok I finally got my wi-fi working! Patch if you would like to visit my Able Sisters to get the pattern here’s my friend code:

    5112-7681-6983 Clover midgie


  15. thanks hannah 🙂
    i can do tommorow but today i am really busy

    P.S. this is patch(i changed my email and username 🙂 )

  16. Ok! Post or send me your friend code and stuff so I can add ya. See you tomorrow!

  17. FC: 038827190635 i think thats right
    Town: midnight

  18. they are all such good patterns
    i didnt noe which to choose so i closed my eyes and picked

  19. Greetings earthlings
    1. Merry x-mas, happy new year
    2. Sorry im busy computer bust again
    3. I voted Julia
    4. Though shalt be back

    ps did mayu get a wii?

  20. To Hannah: Hey, that’s great! I’ll add you too asap 😀

    to Michela: Thank you, same to you ^^ And no, I didn’t get a Wii -.-

  21. is it ok if i correct your english? on the ‘please choose’ a comma is not needed, but other than that your doin great!

  22. ok hi this is rihannna i have some good news and bad news the good news is i got accf for christmas the bad news is on animal crossing i got hacked and my screen turned black all my bells i had 100,000 200000 in pockets i lost all even wifi sigh in our carvan ive got wifi so please donate some bells to me

  23. ill get my fc soon

  24. how did you get hacked? somebody bricked you or something?

  25. Thank you Josie, this really helps me a lot ^^

    to Lookeena: Hi Rihanna!! So you’re back on internet, woohoo! 😀 And congrats for getting ACCF ^^ But poor you with your hacked ACWW game 😦 , when we meet us I’ll help you 😉

  26. Wow, this poll is almost unanimous.

  27. Mayu,
    would it be considered cheating if I had all of my friends that I could contact to vote for me?
    hence my 32 votes?

  28. I haven’t been on lately – sorry about that.
    I chose Georgii’s! 😀

  29. Hi, I’m Maizy/(my other name) Madicon Shacos. I just started on ACWW, just like how I started owning my own DS. LOL anyway, It’s gr8 that u have this help site, and I really hope u do gr8! So just 2 encourage u, KEEP IT UP!

    Love the way ur site looks!
    Madicon Shacos

  30. BTW, Jimmy, it depends if ur friends actually do like you, as in wht ur voting 4. If they don’t, they shudn’t, but ur inluck if they all vote 4 u.

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