Posted by: Mayu | December 21, 2008

Miki on the tramp

In the evening Kyle invited me to come over, as he also had another visitor there ^^.
But when I looked for his gate I was really surprised:

Wow, it has been a while when I saw such a lot of open gates 😯 . That’s great! 😀

Well first to Kyle, I hope I can also meet the other persons later 😉

Yay, Kyle’s new planted trees are growing and he even got a new hybrid, the pink cosmos! 😀

He had a delivery from ACC with all those clovers, tehehe, nice idea! ^^

Kyle also planted his new garden in front of the museum! Very colourful, nice 🙂

This is Uri, unfortunately she was just away from DS, so I could only see her in midnight 😉

My last picture in midnight: Kyle and his first own jacobs ladder 😀 . Nice that your town is still perfect 😉

Then I tried to connect to Lilah from Rosebury, but Copper didn’t let me go… 😦

I always had this Wifi error code… well nvm, perhaps I’m lucky next time 😉

Let’s see, who else is open… the only left one was Louise’s town li’l vil.

Hi Louise, wow, you’ve arranged a new garden next to your house. Beautiful!

Look also at her new path, and is this pink rose a new hybrid? 😀

Here I showed Kurt proudly my loach, thanks again for this great chance, Kurt.

Harrison… was afk xD! Sorry we joked around a bit, while you were away 😆 xP

Then we went to Bauer and I visited Kurt’s Chow there:

Uh-oh!! 😯 He’s really mad about me!?! “What’s up? Can I help you with something, or what?” xP :mrgreen: Tehehehe, Chow is really charming.

And Georgiie came for a visit! Yaay!

Lol, looks like an advertise pic xP. Actually it was Kurt who was asking this and I wanted to take a close-up from Georgiie at the same time lol.
But then I had suddenly to leave the party, my family kept me busy, sorry that I couldn’t manage to come back. But I had a lot of fun this evening, thanks a lot! 😀



  1. OHMIGOSH. Is it me, or am I in at least, or mentioned, in about every post you make?

  2. i know that yiou already know this but hardly any of that exists any more 😦
    after the renovations have been made ill add the magic pond back but i will put it in a diff spot

  3. patch, want to Wi-fi?

  4. Wow! You look soooo different there Mayu, and the only one I know now is Louise!
    Heh heh!
    Sorcha~ !!

    • Do I look so different?? In my eyes, it’s still the old Miki lol
      And yes, Louise is really one of my eldest ACWW players now 🙂

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