Posted by: Mayu | December 20, 2008

Louise✩♪ from li’l vil

I visited a new friend today in UK, it’s Louise✩♪ from her town li’l vil 😀

Hello Louise, I’m glad that we can meet us in such a short time ^^

My first thing to do was to buy something from Tom Nook’s shop to develop it into Nookingtons. 😉

Tehehe, it’s always cute when charas are just talking in the photo. Here she invited me to see her house.

A very sweet living room/kitchen combination, look at all her neighbours photos. 😀

The upper room is the snowman furniture room. Cool, I think you got all items from “Snowman”? Oh wait, is the snowman itself missing here?

Hello?…Helloo?? Ummm, your telephone doesn’t allow me to phone… :mrgreen: 😛

Still very cute your house, but I really liked your interior, Louise.

We visited also some of her neighbours. This is Chow, what an interesting neighbour… (could I say ugly? xD but you know I really like all the grumpy and not so cute neighbours 😉 )

Then we decided to go to my town ^^
Thanks a lot for letting me visit Louise✩♪, normally new visitors are going to my town first before I met them in their town, so I really appreciate that you invited me first 😉



  1. Thanks Mayu for wearing my design… 😳

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