Posted by: Mayu | December 20, 2008

Kurt, Louise✩♪, Noni and Eileen♥

Like I said I invited Louise after that to my town.

But also Kurt from Bauer visited me, hello ^^

Here he showed us all his summer fish, what he’s caught recently in his town (his town is in summer now)

Then Louise and me also took a view in my house (“both are not happy” – I was talking about my snowmen 😛 )

I really like your eyes, Louise^^

Well Noni, my son, also wanted to join us, but just when he was walking through the gates, Wifi broke… 😦

So next time I’ve opened I had other visitors. It’s Noni (right from me) and Eileen♥.
Eileen♥, it was sooo good to see you again 😀

Louise came also back ^^. Tehehe, we are all in winter outfit with a warm woolly hat 😉
Well I didn’t have much time left to play with you because I had to prepare supper, but I hope you had fun being left alone in Mitsukyo xD



  1. i was there too,
    but you were sleeping!
    i added noni and eileen(place heart here) and we chatted a while but then wifi broke 😦

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