Posted by: Mayu | December 19, 2008

Sonata in ACWW ;)

Introduction in Mitsukyo
I finally found some time to play with you again, so I opened my gates in the evening and Ethan was my first guest ^^:

Yay, I’m glad to meet you again Ethan, I hope we can play longer today than the two last meetings 😉

Juliiaaaaa :D, it’s so nice to see you too!! 😀

We all together 😉

Later on Kyle from midnight (he restarted his town recently, so pls add him back 😉 ) came too and here Julia and me are waiting outside Able sisters, because Ethan and Kyle wanted to display their Christmas patterns for our December contest ^^

Now Kyle is also on the pic, hehe 😀 . We then were all invited from Ethan to come to his town France. Great!

Exposition in France

Ethan’s……..entrance….is…. just….

AMAZING!!! 😯 😯 😯
I was really overwhelmed by all the colourful awesome patterns on the ground! 😀

Kyaaaa, look at this Manga girl!!!! 😯 Kyaaaa~~ xD

Ethan, that was really a wonderful surprise 😆 ^^

And also the pathes were just great!! 😀

And all the lovely flowers everywhere ^^

Here we looked at Gracie’s car, but she wasn’t there… even without Wifi she wasn’t there Ethan said… that’s really weird (well I think perhaps he’s got the kitten or the cat mother in his town…)

I really like your designs Ethan 🙂 A free fossil area here.

And he showed me his nice house. Those gyroids sounded wonderful together with the music in this room. I laughed about it, it’s fun!

Also this Chinese/Japanese room was very beautiful.

Ohh, when I edited this pic I realised, that Julia announced it here that she had to go. Sorry Julia, I didn’t read it and was wondering why you left the town that sudden… I supposed you were mad with us xP Sorry! 😉

Then later we decided to go to Kyle’s town midnight, so that we can help him to get the perfect town.
Some last pics of this amazing town France:

Thanks for iniviting us Ethan, it was really a big and wonderful surprise 😀

Coda in midnight

I fetched all my spare flowers to bring it to midnight and here I am:

Wow, also a very nice and Christmas-like entrance Kyle, wow!! 😀

Kyle at the left and right from me is ILO, who arrived a few minutes later 😀
Nice to see you again, ILO! ^^

Then I left town again to fetch also some fruits, and when I came back I met Jimmy from New York! 😀

Yay, finally we met us 😉

Isn’t the town midnight lovely? Such a lot of hybrids 😀

Well, the evening turned out into several Wifi errors.
The annoying mole Resetti popped up several times

👿 👿
And I had to bring the fruits three times again until we were able to save the progress lol.
But I had to go after this, it was too late for me, so I took a last picture of all of us and then left midnight 😉

I really had again a lot of fun with you my friends!!! 😀 Would be nice if we can meet us soon again ;). See you!!

P.S: If you are wondering about the “introduction”, “exposition” and “coda”, it’s a musical form of a sonata in the Classical period, which has got the meaning of a prelude, main part and sequel, I know that I also forgot two other parts of a sonata (development and recapitulation) but it didn’t fit into my story xD 😆 😉



  1. Yeah, thanks for my first wifi encounter guys!
    I had alot of fun!

  2. that was a fun evening but today was even better
    thanks again for helping me attainpts mayu 🙂

    P.S. i like the evil smiley 👿

  3. the first time i met you, that was my first ever
    wi-fi connection!!! 😀

  4. My town wasn.t that awesome.Weeeel it was pretty good and I always like playing with new poeple.It was fun jimmy and kyle.And always fun to play with you Miki>

  5. This Ressetti pic scares me….. O_o ^^
    aww, but this manga/anime design is so beautiful^^ ……….surely it took a lot of time =D

  6. What an oooold Blog… *Phew*



    • lol.

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