Posted by: Mayu | December 18, 2008

Golden Net for Miki!!

Hooooorrraaay, finally I caught my last bug:

The dungbeetle!!! 😀

I didn’t have enough time to play to fetch my golden net (you just have to save and restart the game), so the next day, when I woke up Miki, I saw Tortimer in front of my house.

😯 Tortimer!?!?!? Are you peeping through my window?!?? 👿

“I’ve been waiting for you, Miki. You’ve caught every species of the bugs.”
Yaaay 😀

“I’ve got the golden net now! I’ll keep an eye on it♥!”
I’m so happy now! My third golden net in this game!! 😀 😀

*waggle waggle* Can you see it?? xD 😆

Well, Tortimer…

THANKS A LOT!! :mrgreen:

The same day I also caught a dungbeetle with Haru:

Wooh….??? Ooops? 😯 No jubilations?? Why not???? 😯

NOOOOOO! I didn’t realized it, I thought the dung beetle was also my last bug with Haru, but I missed the GIANT BEETLE in summer, AAAAAARRRGHHHH!!! 👿 😥 👿

Well, never mind, still something to do then until summer, ha… ha… ha… 🙄

😀 😉



  1. I’m in the middle of time travelling, I’ll go to summer for you.

    • Ohh you’re always so kind Kurt, but it’s no need to rush 😉 . So I still have one aim next year xD

  2. Mayu, may you (MAY-YOU sounds like Mayu, lol) open please?

  3. rlly kurt? ive always pronounced it MY-OO…. anywayz…. poor you with haru! id be reaaaaally ticked off! the dung beetle was one of the first bugs in my town cuz i started in the middle of january. Stinkin dung beetles keep rolling my snowmen snowballs!

  4. OMG Mayu! 😉 I really love reading these so much! 😀 Thanks for posting! 🙂

  5. Also, I have never caught a dung beetle before…:roll: But once I did see one rolling the snowball lol but I did’nt know what it was…I thought it was funny xD Then, I tried to step on it 😈 lol I’m mean! 😛

  6. aw poor Haru

  7. sorry for posting so much xp
    anyways, for some odd reason it seems that alot of people think that the dungbeetle is really rare, but on my first day of my new town i caught 8 of them and ive been catching them since the first day(maybe i should put one in my house to prove it 😆 )

  8. Wow! Congrats,I don’t have a golden net yet and one of the bugs I need is a dung beetle! >_<

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