Posted by: Mayu | December 13, 2008

Funny snowmen in Zychowo

Yay, I’ve had a little time to play with my friends this evening 😀 .
So when I looked around if someone gates were open, I found Julia’s town Zychowo:

Hello Julia and Kyle! 🙂

Kyle has got white hair lately and so he asked me to take a pic for the FC’s icon on my blog 😉

When I walked around Zychowo I suddenly was aware…

…that is was fullmoon tonight 😀 ! ^^

Haha, just when Kyle showed me his caught Koifish, I found a tuna 😛 !

Alfie also promised to came ^^. A little bit too late, but he came!! Yay!

I really laughed about this funny snowman xD 😆 . Julia said that he hates her and vice versa LOL.

But also the other one was really impressive. She tried to make one as big as possible, I think the only perfect one is that small next to it? ^^
Well joking around with snowmen is also very funny xD.

A little chit-chat and we persuaded Alfonso to open his town for a while 😉

Just arrived in Leaftown but I didn’t take other pictures of it, stupid me! Well I didn’t have much time left to play so I had to go rather soon.

Thanks for the fun, Julia, Kyle and Alfie 😀



  1. that was a fun day! i got some flowers and items from julia and on sunday i caught 6 stringfish and a tuna!(they were in bellas town sunset) although when i came back to her town later she was sleeping so i left and i came back 2 hours later and she was still asleep,
    i think that she forgot that she kept her gates open.
    also, i saw my new icon and thanks for posting the new pic. 🙂

  2. also, im laying down cristmas paths in my town and surrounding them with flwoers (i have alot but i still need more)

  3. That sounds cool patch. Don’t you want to participate on the winter design contest? 😀

  4. its not very special it only has green dots with a red background so it probobly wouldn’t win the contest and i don’t have a camera to take pictures of it and i don’t know how to upload photos from the camera to the comuter and onto your website

  5. making snowmen with too big heads is fun, but its depressing to talk to them. “though my body is cold, my soul is on fire!”

  6. Hi! Could u add me to ur freinds list. I think i might get this game for christmas! MY e-mail is

  7. jesse,
    she doesn’t schedual wifi dates over email so you should probobly just discuss it with her on this site or in the chatroom wich is listed on the right side of the blog if you scroll up a bit.

  8. to Josie: Oh I understand you, I don’t like it either when they talk so sadly… xD

    Hi Jesse, would be nice if we can meet us then ^^
    I’ll put you into the FC list as soon you can give it to me 😉
    And like patch said, I don’t settle dates over email, I’m afraid…

  9. how do you get the snowmens heads strait i can never seem to get it!!!

  10. i FINALLY shot down Gulliver last night but i could not find the 5th part to his ship! i looked around my town about…. 103 times and couldnt find it! yet i still have a feeling of achievement! 😀

  11. mayu, do you mind if i answer some of the questions that people ask you because most of the time i know the answers. i wont answer the faq questions though.
    just say the word and i wont answer anymore of the questions.

  12. ok ive absolutely decided to restart my town and i know that i will name it Midnight but what should my characters name be?

    • to Josie: Gulliver’s parts are sometimes really difficult to find. Try to save it and restart the game, then the part will be on another place. And if you play with another chara, you’ll even find 5(!) new items 😆

      to patch: No of course you can answer 😀 , I’m not often on these days and you would help me much^^ thank you!

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