Posted by: Mayu | December 12, 2008

Nice to meet you Petal ^^

At 12PM I met Kurt again 🙂

Hehe, we both have got the same hat, yay 8)

Then I had surprisingly another visitor, it’s Petal from Condo, I never met her before ^^

Here we all together, after she changed her hairstyle 🙂 . Cute little seabutterfly Kurt 🙂

A stroll over the winter landscape, I still enjoy all seasons in ACWW 😀

Heyhooo, Petal~~~!! lol Why can’t we wave to visitors like to our neighbours? xD

Kurt gave me a festive tree as a present, thx a lot (why didn’t I take a pic of it??) then we decided to go to Bauer 🙂

Kurt’s perfect snowman “Snowman”. Lol, at least our German snowman has got a name in ACWW, it’s “Schnemil” 😉

Kurt’s living room is very nice. And he’s got a festive tree there too 😀

Catching fish in the morning mist, how romantic ^^. I’m glad that I met you today, Petal, because I think I won’t be able to play much in the next few weeks.
So to all my readers, sorry that I’m not often open during this time, but family and housework keeps me very busy these days, I hope you’ll understand 😉



  1. oh my mayu! awesome possum turnip price today! whats the highest turnip price youve gotten that u can remember? mines 530! ^^ sorry randomness!

    • It was about 648 I think in a friend’s town 😯 😉

  2. Hey, mayu what kind of camera do you use? I”m asking for one for xmas!

    • to Lilac: Ohhh, this is my oldest digital camera, which I use only for my ACWW pics. But it’s a FinePix50i, but I think every digital camera would be find which has got macro mode and non flash 😉

  3. Thanx for putting me on here!!! After I met you, Kurt came to mine, now I see him everyday!!! (Exept on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays… asicly I see him at weekends and in the holidays!)

  4. petal its arron re add me email me your friend code and ill give you my new one it got deleted 😦

  5. ok arron but i need ur email adress…

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