Posted by: Mayu | December 10, 2008

Trip to Bauer

Well, like I said, I had my gates open and Kurt was visiting me as usual around lunch time 😉

I was just showing him proudly my newest catch :mrgreen:

Ha ha, what boring faces xD . Kurt invited me then to come to his town Bauer ^^

6:54AM in the morning in New York! It’s snowing and again a good time to catch a coelacanth 😀 . So I went straight to the beach to catch some fish.

Wooow, a big fish shade (sorry, the time always popped up and hid the fish lol). Could it be the coelacanth?? 😯

No, it was a tuna!!! xD Well, that’s also a nice catch 😉

While Kurt was afk I strolled also over the town. Look, those patterns are really nice 🙂

Woow, also Chow has got his own patterns in front of his house 😀

Before Kurt has to go to school I showed him my tuna ^^
Thanks Kurt for letting me visit 🙂



  1. It wasn’t 6:54 Australian time, it was 6:54 New York time!

    • Oh yes 😳 , ahhhhh I know you are from NY but somehow I lost my mind while I was writing it lol. Sorry, I’ll edit it now.

  2. HOW COME YOU ALWAYS GET TUNA I NEED A TUNA ON MY FISHING LIST ITS NOT FAIR rrrrr why cant i find one guess wat!!!

    i spent 3 whole days trying to catch a tuna and i couldent get one! it sucks ALOT

  3. Hey Mayu!! I haven’t talked to you in like FOREVER XD How are you? How’s life? And how’s AC : WW ? Me, I have some FABULOUS news! I got Animal Crossing: Lets Go To The City! 😀 It’s really cool but nothing can compare AC:WW I still love it! Hope we can catch up some time and the reason I haven’t been posting on my blog is because he had our house painted so I couldn’t go on the internet… Well see you later!

    Charaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =)

  4. Oops I haven’t signed in and I’m Anonymous…! So sorry but it is Chara 🙂

  5. Hi. Just discovered your blog it is great. Sadly I can’t find my Animal Crossing WW Game so I can’t post my friend code. I’ll post it later when I find it.
    Visit my blog at

    • Thanks a lot quagmires 😀 Would be nice to meet you^^

  6. Hi Mayu! I’m bored so yea Hi and all I’m doing is playing DS with AC:WW of course! 😀


    PS I need to update blog lol

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