Posted by: Mayu | December 10, 2008


Today I could play with two new friends from Australia 🙂 .
Well, it was not a long Wifi play, Wifi was not working good this morning, and we had several Wifi connection failures 😦

But at least I could introduce myself to:

lilli from liz town 😀

Hello and welcome to Mitsukyo ^^! Wow, cool sunglasses xD

I gave her some of my flowers and she also picked up some cherries, so she had to go home to empty her pockets to come again…
But Wifi didn’t let her come back… 😦

Meanwhile I caught one of my missing fish – the popeyed goldfish, yay! 😀
Just 2 fish to go, whoooop!

But Lilli’s friend Lach from ninten could manage to come. 😀

Hi, nice to meet you too ^^. But soon as we said hello,
this annoying mole did appear again:

Boooo! 😡 I opened my gates again, but they couldn’t manage to come back. Well, I hope next time Wifi works better 😉



  1. well lach is actually my bro so thats why neither of us could come bak we were using the same (not workin) wifi which sucks and hopefully next time we can stay for longer.

  2. Ah I see, and yes that would be nice. Please tell me if your Wifi is working nice again ^^

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