Posted by: Mayu | December 8, 2008

Jane from Bauer

About 12PM I can often play with Kurt from Bauer. Today I also had enough time to open my gates and soon he was there:

Hi Kurt, it’s nice to see you again 😉

Well he had an idea and we changed our charas into Yuki and Jane ^^

So at the right it’s Jane from Bauer, a cute girl 🙂
She has got the same eyes like Yuki and Kurt’s idea was to make them look like twins, tehehe. So we both changed hairstyle and dress and that’s how we look after:

Hehehe, aren’t we sweeet? xD You can guess who is who 😛

A little hint is this pic 😆

Awwwww, sleeping beauty 😳



  1. You´re on the left side!!! 😀

  2. Cooorect! You win…. nothing! 😦 lol

  3. Hehehe, Julia you’re right xP

  4. yA how can she take a pic of herself sleeping?

  5. Maybe I took it and gave it to Mayu. 😛

  6. XDD

  7. XD ha ha good work Kurt!

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