Posted by: Mayu | December 8, 2008


In the evening I didn’t open my gate but wanted to go to another town and Julia was the only one I could see open 😉

Wow, today you’re blonde Julia 😯 , that suits you as well.^^ Left from me is Georgiie, nice and cheerful as usual, so nice to see you too 😀

Well we wanted to catch the super rare coelacanth, it’s still missing in my catalogue, so does it in Julia’s and Georgiie’s roster. But in Zychowo it wasn’t snowing and the chance to catch a coelecanth was quite bad….
Luckily Georgiie said that in her town it was snowing and so we all went to Candy ^^

I put my fishscale shirt on, hoping that I look tasty for the coelacanth 😆

But… it… chose… JULIA!!! xD Woohoo, congrats!! That was amazing!!
(I was really depressed – you can see it on the pic xP)

Ohh, this is Evee♥ a school friend from Georgiie. Nice to meet you 🙂

Later on Julia had to go and Melissa came instead. Yaay. 😀

And after Evee♥ left the town Georgiie’s sister Nelliie dropped by, here she was holding a dandelion and I asked her if she could blow it even though she’s got a rose in her mouth, hehe. But of course that was no problem 😉

Georgiie was the next one who caught a coelacanth. Here we all gathered together to congratulate her 😉

Well… I wasn’t lucky with the coelacanth this evening… 😦

But… I found a stringfish in the river! YAAAAAY!!!! The shadow was really big, I couldn’t resist to catch it :mrgreen:

Rihanna visited Candy also at the end, but I had to leave soon, because it was rather late here. Sorry that I had to end our hide&seek game, but I also had no chance xD. I searched for you three times through all the town but I didn’t thought of that you might be hidden inside houses LOL. Well, you won, next time give me a chance for my revenge 😈

Thanks for this wonderful evening 😀



  1. i havent caught a string fish yet!!! but ive nearly got the golden fishing rod

  2. is dieser coe… dings… was is das auf deutsch?

  3. Quastenflosser, Alice 🙂

  4. cooooooooool

  5. arrrg lucky! tomorrow theres gonna be snow on the ground! on tuesday it said a snowstorm was coming and today its snooooowing!

  6. i got the ocen sunfish and the arowona 50 times
    in 2 hours

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