Posted by: Mayu | December 6, 2008

LONER, chapter 2 by Josie

Chapter 2
“Jayla, we have these wonderful houses, dirt cheap! There’s one by the waterfall farthest from my store, by the tailor, in the middle of townm and one by the beach. Great choices, no?” Tom explained.
“I’ll take the one by the waterfall, farthest from your shop.” Jayla hadn’t given it a 2nd thought. “I’m gonna go inside it now…” hinting that she wanted Nook to go away.
“Okay, just know you will have to get a part time job at my wonderful establishment, see you soon, hm?” and Jayla cussed under her breath. Nook scattered.
Jayla went inside and gagged.
“What is this carpet made of? Burlap bag? Auntie Gracie would never approve.” Suddenly, Charlie knocked on the door and stammered,
“Heres some carpet, it’s a r-r-round carpet…….” and he sprawled it carefully across the floor.
“I LOVE it!” Jayla yelled, “I-I better get to my job at Nook’s.” She looooved a guy with good taste. They were really getting to know eachother on the way to Nook’s. Charlie had heard his life story, so he told that to Jayla.
“I want to find my birth mother..” Charlie blurted out.
“Really? I want to find my Aunt Gracie. She like disappeared off the face of the earth a month ago. So i moved here so i didnt have to live with my psycho nanny Labelle. I’m from LeKaisia, that big city half a mile away by the way.” Jayla replied somberly.
“Strange…. Booker one of the guards disappeared a month ago too…. You don’t think…” and they cringed.



  1. Booker? And Gracie? 😆 hehehehe

  2. lol 🙂 Nice story Josie! 😉

  3. LOL “Auntie Gracie would NEVER approve!” I think I’ll make a story of Booker being my uncle!!L OL

  4. lol! thanks! its gonna snow tomorrow in my town! it said on the billboard! yaaaay snowmen!

  5. Miki’s bookshop chapter one.
    “Oh mum, please oh please can me and chasirra go to miki’s book sighning?”
    “Where is it?”
    “London, mum”
    “Im not trusting you on the train with chasirra. Shes so..”
    “How dare you argue little miss. Get to your room”
    -mario stomps up to her room and thumps her i love mitsukyo duvet-:
    -hears tv blare on downstairs-
    “What an ungrate full madaam. We work our bones down for her”
    “Give her a rest, julia.”
    -sneaks out of bed and round to the back door ^^.

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