Posted by: Mayu | December 5, 2008

Smokie again :D

Woohoo, today I met my first Wifi-friend Smokie(aka Knoob) again. I still had my turnips in the house and it was time to sell them. And he got a quite fine price from 186 bells in his town Paranoia ;). So he opened the gates for me, yaay:

Hiii! It’s nice to see you again 🙂

Oh where are you going?

Ahhh I see, you went to Harriet… 😯 xD ok, you have made a wrong decision lol, but it’s cute!!! 😆

hmm-hmm, not bad for one load of turnips, but it could be better 😛

Ohhh, you escorted me to the gates, thank you!! 😀 *giggles* Sooo cute xD

When I was finished I had a stroll over Paranoia and Smokie invited me to see his house. Really awesome main room 😀

I’m hungry, what shall we eat? Looks really empty your fridge…. 😦

Well at least we could make a soup xD

sluuuuuuurp…… burp!! Oops sorry! :mrgreen:

still wet your clothes… 😉

We went both k.o. after a hard fight of wrestling xD

What the heck is in the Ranch wardrobe?? 😯 a box?

His attic was also really awesome! All the boxing and old radio, a guitar, his old Exil stuff and even Bibi’s sunglasses, tehehe, really nice! 😀

I had such a lot of fun with you Smokie, thanks a lot!!!! 😀



  1. That looks so kool can u send me any golden roses or a gold watering can because i cant seem to get it my town name in Sinnoh and my Persons name is Jake

    • Hi Jake, thanks for visiting my blog! 😀
      I’ll add you asap as a guest with Miki (see “My ACWW stats” for my details) and it would be nice to meet you. But I don’t cheat, so I don’t have golden roses and a golden watercan for you…
      (these pictures were token at Smokie’s town, and he raised his golden roses during a long period of time, they weren’t also cheated)

  2. Also my friend code is 047368149358 thankyou!!!
    =] =] =] ;] hehe

  3. Umm i have added all your people and umm i respect everything u said on stats i recommend the same thing

  4. Yur only meant to add 1 ^

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