Posted by: Mayu | December 1, 2008

Did you know… (part 26: Perfect snowman)

…that snow will soon lie in your town? Last year it was on December 11th when my town turned into a snow village and I also assume that this year it will come on the 11th 😉 (and it will end on February 24th 2009)

Well you know what this means: you can build snowmen now! 😀

I thought some hints and tips for building perfect snowmen would be a good idea, because only with perfect snowmen you’ll get snowman furniture from “Snowman” 🙄 (in German the snowman’s name is Schnemil).

Every day there are two little snowballs randomly located in your town. When they are that small, kick them carefully over the snow to get them bigger.

Then you’re able to push them with your hands and can guide it easily. So if you have to bring one snowball over the bridge,let it be at a larger size so that you can guide it – otherwise the snowball would fall in the river, when you kick it.

To build a perfect snowman the bottom ball must be the largest you can make.

The top snowball is just a little smaller than the bottom ball.
Push the smaller snowball onto the bigger one to make the snowman (not other way around 😉 – then the small snowball would be the bottom ball) and then the snowman will be alive and tells you if it is happy with it.

If it’s perfect, it will send you the next day a letter with a snowman furniture in it. ^^

Other hints:

– snowballs grow bigger when rolling them over snow, and they will shrink when you roll them over other surfaces

– snowballs melt if they fall into the river, ponds, ocean or holes (thanks Mocha)

– don’t push them too hard against objects like trees, stones or houses – they will break.

– lost snowballs can be found some minutes later somewhere in your town again (go inside a house and then out again)

– only one snowman can be build per day (no chances for your other players in town)

– when you see a snowball rolling by itself – take your net out to catch the dung beetle, who is under the snowball (just trap the snowball^^)

– you can roll the snowball over flowers – they stay save.

– even the biggest snowball can be rolled by the dung beetle. Be careful, they always roll them into the river – and there they melt away… But once you’ve build the snowman, the dung beetle has no chance 😛

– don’t put the snowman too close to a tree, building or stone – otherwise it’ll disappear next time you start the game (but you get the letter next day when it was a perfect snowman- don’t worry about that)

-and snowmen ‘live’ three days. Every day it gets a little smaller then it’s gone. You can talk to them, too. When you build every day a snowman you can therefore have three snowmen in your town. ^^

Here’s a list of all snowman-furniture, you get them randomly, sometimes even double, so best is to swap with your friends 😉

name: pic:


  1. i cant wait i just got my ds for my birthday and then i begged my mom for the anmail crossing because everyone said its was such a good game and i love it my sister is getting a ds for chrismas and the anmail crossing game

  2. Hello Chelsey! Yes, well as I’m even having a blog about ACWW I just can say that it’s really great fun!! xD I’m hooked for more than two years now and still can’t get rid of it :roll:…
    perhaps I’m just too crazy 😛
    Thanks for visiting my blog 😉

  3. Cool! Snowman furniture! I’m planning to make a winter room to replace my kitchen…

  4. I time travelled once and I couldn’t get a perfect snowman! It’s so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I know you don’t know me, but when I read this, I made a snowman, and first time it was perfect.

    • Great job Holli 😀
      I know that it was quite difficult at the beginning for me. The head and the body were always unbalanced (I always made the head too small), but once you know the sizes it’s quite easy to build it again 😉

      • wow Im a natural!!

  6. Thank you!!!!!!!!! I´ve been trying to make a perfect snowman for two weeks and thanks to you I´ve finally made it 😀 I´d kiss you if I could hehehe

    • Thank you chikib, I’m happy when I can help other people with my blog 😀

  7. I was wondering why my snowman never got me furniture. Thanks.

    When does the swow season end? II have to make as many snowmen as possible if it ends soon…

  8. Oh I think you’ll have enough time, it ends on February 24th 😉

  9. Also, they melt when you roll them into holes ^_^

  10. Ahh Mocha, thanks for telling me, I totally forgot about this ^^

  11. When you roll them on designed spots on the ground, do they shrink? Because when I run over the designed spots, and they are over snow, I see, instead of dust clouds, snow, as if you were running on real snow!

  12. Mir gefällt das Design das auf deinem Boden ist……..voll schönn!!

    • ohh danke schön, die sind aber nicht von mir xD
      Die hab ich aus einem japanischen Board abgepixelt 😉

  13. haha mayu in Star Island once i made a HUGE SNOWMAN-with both snowballs beigng the biggest-IT WAS, well, HUGE!!! then i posrted a note on the billboard-

    Luv the evil snowmen


    • Yes two biggest snowballs pushed up together is really a BIG snowman xD
      It’s also very weird when you put the biggest snowball on a very tiny one, 😛

  14. thanks miki 😉
    me & rosalie have a blog now
    YAYYY 😀


    • Umm something’s weird with your url, can you check it again pls?

  15. I see that you have some patterns in your town that you have drawn. Plese can you show me how you draw them, please can you put in some pictures on how on this website? (=

  16. wow! Snow will come to my town soon and I can not wait for the snow!

  17. Thanks to you I might be able to make a perfect snowman really easy! Do you have any snowman furniture? if so how much?

  18. and I think it is great how you did this blog thing! it really easy steps to follow! I give it five stars out of five stars! (100%). is there thanksgiving on animal crossing wild world?

    • Thank you Anonymous for your kind comment ^^. I have already all snowman furniture, it’s going to be my 4th winter this year 😉

  19. please write back i will check back soon! 😉

  20. hey thanks i will make one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. u know how i said i could make a perfect snowman my first time? i didnt but i made 1 on my 3rd try thanks to your awsome tips. i have made 2 perfect ones already! i got the snowman carpet and the snowman!!!!!

    • Hey, that’s cool! 😀 Fingers crossed that you’ll get all the snowman furnitures 😀

  22. u hav sum naruto designs in 1 of yer pictures. y dont u put them in yer icons an patterns page?

    • Because they’re not my own selfdesigned patterns and I can’t ask the designer if it’s ok to display it here 😉

  23. ok i said i am trying to get all the snowman furniture and guess what?!? i made 3 but now i have made 6! i have the capet,couch,snowman,lamp,table, and the fridge! 🙂 i built the perfect snowman a lot and now i have the shape of him memorized! u were right when u build it a few times then it is soooo easy to make! thanks 4 helping me…i am going 2 try 2 get all the snowman furniture! when i get new ones i will tell u! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hey, that’s great! 🙂 I’m glad when the did you know thingies really help people ^^
      Btw, who are you? Your IP adress is new to me 😉

  24. Hi Mayu,
    Its Rebecca From Rosewood, xD
    I just love the Wallpaper!
    It seems wiard but when I always attemp to make a Snowman its always…. Wiard, I guess. xD
    Never had a present from him 😥 lol.

    • Aww next time I’ll look in my cupboards if I still have the snowman wallpaper 😉

  25. Note:
    Selling any type of the snowman furniture will only give you the equal amount of 88,888.
    the reason why it costs so many 8’s is because 8 mostly resembles a snowman.

  26. i need all of that i can’t wait for december

  27. Man it’s really hard for me to make a perfect snowman. Last year, all of them told me they were too lumpy. 😦 I can’t wait until this year!

    • I know it’s not that easy to figure out the right size. But once you have a perfect snowman it’s really easier to do it again as you know the needed sizes then ;). Good luck!

  28. As far as I know, only small snowballs will break when pushed to hard on something… -oops- I might be wrong

  29. after a while of playing animal crossing ww i got board. i didnt play for a while. then 3 months later i went back on and it was snowing. i have all the snowman furniture already. btw have shot down any ufos? if so how much???

  30. You actually can build more than one snowman in a day.

  31. No u can’t amber.

  32. …..Mayu should know its like she knows everything about ACWW, lol

  33. but shes not on anymore…

  34. Omg the snow furniture is so adorable!

  35. have u collected all of the snowman furniture? (;

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