Posted by: Mayu | November 10, 2008

Did you know…(part 24: Gulliver, Pete and Pascal)

… that there’s a way of how to detect if either one of them will come to your town?

This “did you know”-post is dedicated to Savvanah, who wrote about this in the guestbook page and I think it’s a good idea of her, to post about it on my blog to let everyone know about this fact.

Well, you know that special visitors can visit you from Monday until Friday. Until it’s not Redd’s or Katrina’s tent you can ask Booker if someone entered your town. Normally he would say that he saw Dr. Shrunk or Gracie or Saharah coming through the gates but if he didn’t see anyone that’s the chance to meet either Pascal, Gulliver or Pete in your town. Well how is the best way to meet Gulliver? I think he’s the most interesting of these three.

1. As soon as you go out of your house look if there’s someone at the townhall (Redd, Katrina or Gracie)

2. If not ask Booker for any visitors.

3. If he said that he didn’t see anyone run to the beach places where Pascal might be standing.

4. If Pascal also isn’t there the chance is high that you will see Gulliver. So be prepared with the slingshot and wait for him at a good point (may be at the gates). He comes on every xx.02 or xx.07 time, for example 12.57 or 11.32.

Within 30 minutes he should come if not…

5. then Pete will come today at 9AM or 5PM. Shoot him down with the slingshot to have a (boring) talk to him lol

Thanks a lot Savvanah for this info ^^

And here’s a list of all Gulliver items:

Arc de Triomphe Compass
Manekin Pis Mermaid Statue
Mouth of Truth Plate Armor
Tower of Pisa Matryoshka
Moai Statue Metroid
Pagoda Tribal Mask
Merlion Chocolates


  1. Darn! I got Pete this morning! I wanted Pascal or Gulliver. 😦 It seems like Pascal never comes to my town!

    • pascal has only come to my town once so dont be too down about it 🙂

    • lol Pascal has come to my town already like 5 times in 2 months but i never got Gulliver yet soooo…

  2. I think US users get the chocolates from The kitten quest. at least, ive never gotten it from Gulliver.

    • Hmmm… that would be new to me. Maybe others can help and confirm it? Or can someone tell me how they got their chocolate? I’m really sure that I got it from Gulliver.

      • I got chocolates from the Gulliver items. 🙂

        • thanks Rabby ^^

  3. ……… helping my friend at the mo and i completely forget i gave you this info..!

  4. darn! i got gulliver today but i didnt shoot down his ufo. 😡

  5. Pascal and joan have NEVER visited me 😦 am I doing something wrong?

  6. joan comes every sunday morning from 7:00am-10:00am. pascal comes to my town once every month. hope this helps!

  7. Guten Tag, Dies ist echt ein erste Sahne Artikel. Mit Abstand das beste, welches ich dieser Tage gelesen hab. Weiter so. Liebe Grüße!

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