Posted by: Mayu | November 7, 2008

Did you know… (part 23: stylus&button hints)

… that there’s an easier way to sell all your stuff at Nook?

Well, I think most of you know this little trick, but because there’s no description of the button/stylus use in the manual book of ACWW, some people might not known it yet.

Are you a person, who uses the stylus during selling at Tom Nook’s shop by dragging every single item into his inventory?

It takes a lot of time to do this, indeed! I also used this style almost one year, but then someone said on the board, that there’s an easier way:

Use the cross button to move over the item and then PRESS Y-button and your item will automatically go into Nook’s inventory 😀 Well you still need to go to every item but still it’s quicker than using the stylus ^^

And another hint:

You all know that we can take some amount of bells from what we’re carrying with us to give friends or someone else the money. Normally we click with the stylus on the big bell bag and we see this selection:

You can choose between “all”, “100 bells”, “1000 bells”, “10.000 bells” and “back”. So if you need 8000 bells you press 8 times on the big bell bag, choose “1000 bells” 8 times and it’s really annoying, isn’t it?

So, here’s the trick:

Just click exactly on the thousands and pull it down to your empty space. Then you pulled 1000 bells out! ^^

To have 100 bells, just move your stylus exactly on the hundreds and also drag it to an empty space.

The same with tenthousands, I hope you can understand me 😉

Here’s another hint, but I bet all of you know it:

When you want to change the current background of your inventory, just pull one shirt or a design into the left corner. That’s it 😉

At last I’ll give you some button features that you should know:

With L or R you can also dash through your town, but without the danger that you pick up a design from the ground what normally happens if you use a lot the B-button. It’s very useful when you visit other people who has got loads of patterns in their town 😉

Pressing Y-button leads you directly into your inventory
And once you’re in the inventory you can toggle between the categories with the L or R-button

X-button shows you the map of your town or the friends town, when you’re on a visit.

Press Select-button and you go directly to the chat-category, very useful during Wi-Fi play

During a conversation with neighbours you can speed it up with the B-button, but be careful, if you’re too fast, you always answer with “no” or you’ll abort the conversation. 😉

Tapping with the stylus on your neigbhours from a distance will let them wave back. 🙂

Ummm, I think you all know about the A-button (use items, talk to neighbours) and B(dash, abort, pick up) in general, so I don’t want to explain it further…

Did I forget something? Please let me know 🙂



  1. I think thats everything. But i already knew it all.

  2. i knew the money thing, but not the stylus thing! thx! that was rreally helpful! did u know that u can squash the cockroach in the museum? i think you can get bit by a mosquito in it too.

    • Yeah you can I did that and it said “Dear patrons, this cockroach is a thoughtful donation by Soph x please do not step on it.” Or something like that and I got bit by a mosquito in there.

  3. WOOT! turnip prices are 530 bells a turnip!! too bad i only have 300 turnips!

  4. OMG O__o wow I’ve been playing for about 10 months now and I didn’t even know this thing about nooks… many thanks for that helpful tip 😀

  5. the best acww cheats i actully learned somthing lol

  6. I’ve got something quicker than the Nook thing. Well, it kind of depends how quick your hand is, but it works for me.
    Just drag your item, using the stylus, onto Nook’s face (XD). It goes into the next item slot in his inventory. My record is around 7 seconds, it’s actually a fun sport.


  7. squish the cockroach in teh museum its really pointless but fun O.o

  8. I’m not sure whether you know, but if you dig a hole with your shovel then remove your shovel, pressing the B button or tapping the hole with your stylus will make your character kick dirt to fill the hole!

    This is a great way of escaping a maze without the use of your shovel! ;]

    • Ahh thanks Jenny for the hint, I knew it, but it’s good that you mention it here again ^^. I should have told about it, too 😉
      And yes I like to see my chara kicking the dirt back to the hole, lol. It looks funny 🙂

  9. hey mayu ich weiss auch noch was:
    wenn man was verkauft oda briefe verschickt kann man auch auf start drücken dann gilt das als ok
    vll wusstest dus schon…

    • Ohh das ist neu für mich, vielen Dank 😀

  10. Heyz Mayu I was wondering, how do you create a profile here??

    I’d love to join! ^w^

    • Hi TrueSoul, a profile? What profile do you mean, perhaps that you can choose your own avatar when you leave a comment? For this you have to sign in on and create your own blog 😉

  11. K, thanks Mayu! =D

  12. I suprisingly knew all of that

    • i like the wall in the background xx

  13. Y’know Mayu, You can do the “press Y to sell items to Nook faster” with Pelly/Phyliss when sending letters. 🙂

    • Cool, I’ll try it ^^,

  14. You can just flick stuff into random spots, nook doesn’t care and its really quick for me.

  15. you know when you make a design its a lot faster to scroll through the colours by pressing L & R if you dont use the stylus to draw(which is a lot more difficult than using buttons) hope i helped:)

    • Oh right, I should have told about it, that’s it’s really much easier to design with cross button and L&R.
      Thanks for this tip, brett! 😀

  16. Is there a way to wave to the neighbour when they are away from you using a button? I know you can do tht with the stylus, but i dont like to use it cuz its calibration is very out. like a whole 1cm.

    • No, you can only wave with the stylus, I’m afraid.
      Have you tried to calibrate your touch screen from you DS menu again? (

  17. Hello Mayu i no this part of the tips isnt about this but do u no how to get a perfect i hav been trying to get o ne for years now and i noticed in your pictures someone is holding a golden can i hav tried the acre thingy but its really difficult is there another way ?

  18. i knew just about all of that but i didn’t now the x button thingy thanxs a bunch

    cathy xxx

  19. i knew just about all of that but i didn’t now the x button thingy thanxs a bunch!

    cathy xxx

  20. i heard that you can get the pictures of the following: K.K. slider, Pascal the otter, Phyllis, Tom Nook, Booker, and Pelly. i got only Pascal… 😦

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